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Win the lottery at the point where you used to buy a winning ticket of 1 million USD

AmericaKevin Miller won $390,000 from a lottery ticket purchased in a supermarket in Massachusetts, where six years ago he bought the winning ticket of one million dollars.

The Massachusetts lottery official said Kevin Miller, a resident of Montague, won the Lucky for Life lottery in February, but he did not come to claim the prize until July 20.

Kevin miller received his prize on july 20 at the massachusetts state lottery headquarters in dorchester. Photo: massachusetts lottery

Kevin Miller on July 20 received his prize for the winning ticket in February, at the Massachusetts State Lottery headquarters in Dorchester. Image: Lottery Massachusetts

This is the second time Miller has won big, after winning a million dollars at the 2016 Massachusetts Cadillac Riches prize. Miller said that both times he bought tickets to the same location as the Food City supermarket in Turners Falls, Montague town. .

Miller decided to accept a one-time award of $390,000 before taxes, instead of receiving $25,000 a year for 20 years. He did not disclose what he would do with the winnings. The supermarket that sells the winning ticket will receive $5,000.

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