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Strange and Odd News Stories

The old woman got back her forgotten bank account after more than 60 years

When Carol Allison was six years old, she lived in Edinburgh (Scotland) for a year with her grandmother. Every week, Allison is taken to the bank by her grandmother to deposit a shilling (currently priced at about VND 3,665) into her own...

Ukrainian sailors tried to sink Russian boss’s yacht

A Ukrainian sailor tried to sink a yacht believed to be owned by a Russian owner. This person is on his way back to his hometown Kyiv with the determination to join the Ukrainian army. The sailor, Taras Ostapchuk, was captured in...

The creature is named after former US president Donald Trump

The creature is named after former US president Donald Trump

Man lives with four kidneys after being donated twice

Stuart Middleton has undergone two surgeries to receive new kidneys from two organ donors. But the 46-year-old was shocked when he woke up from his second organ transplant and was told that all four kidneys were still inside his body. Initially, Mr. Middleton...

Bulgari sets a world record with a watch as thin as a coin

Bulgari's latest watch has set a world record for its slimmer design. This is also the 8th time this brand has received the certification, breaking all records during the past decade. The Octo Finissimo Ultra is the thinnest mechanical watch in the...

The first version of the Pokémon card sold at auction for $420,000

One Pokémon collector said they had to pay $420,000 at auction to own a Charizard card - the first version of a Pokémon card. The Holo Charizard card is the first version of the Pokémon Base that was released in 1999. The card is...