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US denies claims to destroy Russian HIMARS artillery

The Pentagon has denied Russia’s claim to have destroyed six US-made HIMARS artillery batteries in Ukraine since the first day of the conflict.

“We have been made aware of the latest statements by Minister Sergei Shoigu and they are once again untrue,” Todd Breasseale, acting Pentagon spokesman, said August 2, referring to the defense minister. Russia.

Earlier on the same day, Shoigu announced that Russia had destroyed six HIMARS artillery systems that the US supplied to Ukraine and many other weapons since the launch of the military operation on February 24.

“Russian attacks on Ukrainian military facilities destroyed a total of 33 M777 howitzers, five Harpoon anti-ship missile launchers, six HIMARS rocket launchers, and more than 200 shells,” said Russian Minister Shoigu. said during a meeting with top military officials.

Russia regularly claims to have hacked HIMARS systems, but has not provided evidence.

Himars rockets fired in ukraine. Photo: cnn.

HIMARS rockets fired in Ukraine. Image: CNN.

Acting spokesman Todd Breasseale said the Ukrainians were using HIMARS and systems provided by the US and its allies with “terrible efficiency and accuracy”.

Ukrainian officials also said that they are operating more than a dozen HIMARS systems with high accuracy and long range, helping Kiev reduce the advantage of Russian artillery fire on the battlefield.

Dmytro Butriy, acting governor of the southern province of Kherson, announced that Ukrainian forces had recaptured 53 Russian-controlled settlements in the area. The information comes in the context of Ukraine’s desire to launch a large-scale counter-offensive campaign in the south, in order to regain territories controlled by Russia and to attack the enemy’s supply lines with long-range weapons approved by the West. aid.

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