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Tourists “cause a fever” when spending 30 million VND on a tour of the Western garden 3 days 2 nights

At the beginning of June, Tran Hieu (Ryan Hieu Tran, 34 years old) and 8 friends had a trip to the West garden for 3 days and 2 nights. The group of tourists attracted attention when openly sharing, the trip cost was up to 255 million VND (not including air tickets).

“The cost is about 30 million VND/person, making many people think it’s expensive and wasteful. However, each person has a way to make himself happy. We are satisfied with what we get from that cost”, Mr. Hieu said. confirm.

Du lich can tho sang chanh 499
Mr. Hieu (on the right) and friends experience the Western garden tour


The group of tourists chooses a 4-bedroom villa at a 5-star resort in Con Au, Cai Rang, Can Tho at a cost of 60 million VND/night. As soon as they arrived at the airport, they were picked up by resort staff in a luxury private car.

After 20 minutes of traveling by car, Hieu’s group was invited to get on a canoe to move to Con Au. Travel time is only about 4-5 minutes. “The resort is located on the dunes, so you have to use a canoe to go anywhere. This is a pretty interesting experience,” he shared.

On the first day, Mr. Hieu’s group had lunch, rest, afternoon tea, swimming, and dinner at the resort.

Du lich can tho sang chanh 500 Du lich can tho sang chanh 501

The villa selected by the group at Azerai Can Tho has an area of ​​​​about 1,000m2, surrounded by gardens, green grass, has a beautiful view of the Hau River, has a private swimming pool… According to the assessment of the group of guests, this resort has a simple design but harmonizes the natural space. On Con Au, plants and animals are extremely diverse, rich and somewhat strange to tourists.

“When cycling around the resort, we encountered many strange plants, which are not found on the mainland. I also accidentally met the cheetah – an animal in the red book of Vietnam. This experience is not found everywhere. okay,” said Hieu.

Du lich can tho sang chanh 502
In the evening, the group prepares meals in a romantic setting, under the ancient myrtle tree over 100 years old. Cool, comfortable space helps them regenerate energy
Du lich can tho sang chanh 503 Du lich can tho sang chanh 504
Du lich can tho sang chanh 505
5-star resort at night

Garden tour “luxury”

At 8 am the next morning, the group started the journey to explore the Western garden. The cost of this tour is 7.8 million VND/2 people.

The group moved through a very large garden with dozens of trees in full bloom. “May and June is the season of ripe fruits in the West, so going to the garden is extremely attractive, you can see delicious fruit everywhere,” said Mr. Hieu. Mr. Hieu and his friends are free to enjoy fruits as they like, and meet and chat with friendly farmers in the West.

Du lich can tho sang chanh 506 Du lich can tho sang chanh 507

After visiting the garden, the tour guide takes the group to visit the old house in the West. The owner invites them to enjoy local dishes such as shrimp and meat-based coconut soup, fried sake.

“The tour guide is fluent in foreign languages, can introduce Western culture to some foreign friends in the group. The gardens and houses on the tour are all carefully prepared. During the 5-hour process When the group went, we didn’t meet any other tourists or groups. The space was private, slow, very comfortable”, Mr. Hieu shared about the reason why his garden tour cost “surprisingly high”.

Du lich can tho sang chanh 508
The group participated in visiting the ancient house in the West

13:00 pm, the group returned to the resort to rest. At 3pm, the group went to the spa to relax and at 5pm started to join the sunset tour on Hau River.

The resort prepared a large, high-class wooden boat to take the group afloat on the Hau River, to Ninh Kieu wharf and parked at Can Tho bridge to watch the sunset. Visitors are served juice, food, cold towels… The tour price is about 1.7 million VND/person.

Du lich can tho sang chanh 509

In the evening, Mr. Hieu and his friends visited Can Tho night market.

On the 3rd day in Can Tho, the group woke up at 5am to experience the Cai Rang floating market tour. Cai Rang floating market is located about 5 km from Can Tho city center and takes 30 minutes by boat from Ninh Kieu wharf. Cai Rang Market meets from 5am, the busiest at 6am – 8am and then gradually disappears. Visitors often come here early in the morning to catch the sunrise and feel the bustling atmosphere of the market in the morning.

Du lich can tho sang chanh 510


When Mr. Hieu and his friends shared the cost of the 3-day 2-night trip to the West, many people thought it was too expensive. However, he said: “Resort tourism helps me regenerate energy and have more motivation to work and earn money. I have been to nearly 10 luxury resorts in Vietnam and I have never seen a place that is wasted. Each place has its own identity and attraction to tourists”.

The male tourist also frankly shared that he does not like cheap, dusty experiences. “I want to go on vacation after stressful and tiring working days. Therefore, I am willing to pay a large amount of money to receive the most professional and high-class service,” said Mr. Hieu.

Du lich can tho sang chanh 511

Linh Trang (Photo: Ryan Hieu Tran/Azerai Can Tho)

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