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The violent love affair of the famous martial artist

AustraliaMaster Tiet Nai An, when winning the love of a female tenant, revealed a violent, jealous man.

On September 15, 2007, an Australian couple saw an Asian girl crying next to an elevator in Melbourne train station. They approached to ask, but the girl did not understand English, just shook her head.

The two people contacted the police to play a loudspeaker to announce the search for the girl’s parents, but they waited for a long time but still no one showed up. The police had to let the girl stay temporarily in the office, temporarily calling her Little Pumpkin because the girl’s shirt had a picture of a pumpkin printed on it.

Until two days later, there was no progress, the police invited a Chinese interpreter to speak to the girl to understand the situation.

She said she was 5 years old, her father’s name is Tiet Nai An, and her mother’s name is Luu An An. When travelling. Dad said to go buy ice cream, told me to wait but then he didn’t come back.

The little girl was left behind by her father at the melbourne train station. Photo: toutiao

The little girl was left behind by her father at the Melbourne train station. Image: Toutiao

Based on this information, Australian police looked up household registration information, but in the database there were no two names. At this time, the police suspected that the girl might have come from somewhere else, and asked a translator to ask. She only remembers that near her house there are some statues and parks.

After listening to the girl’s detailed description, the translator lived in New Zealand for ten years, so the place she said was most likely located in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city.

Australian police checked immigration information and quickly found her father. Tiet Nai An flew from Auckland to Melbourne on September 13, two days later to Los Angeles, USA.

India’s behavior made the police very suspicious. If you want to leave your child, why not leave New Zealand and fly to Melbourne to do it? Moreover, Australia and New Zealand both have perfect adoption laws, if he really doesn’t want to raise a child, he can completely go through the adoption mechanism to find a good family for his child.

Australian police contacted their colleagues in New Zealand and learned that India had previously been detained for seven days for domestic violence. On September 19, New Zealand police applied for a warrant to search an Indian home.

The Indian car was still parked on the street outside the house, and the sniffer dog approached suddenly barked non-stop. Opening the trunk of the car, they discovered the body of An, his wife. According to the results of the autopsy, An died on the night of 11 or the morning of September 12, caused by asphyxiation.

There is Indian DNA on An’s underwear. After investigating about India, New Zealand police identified India as the number one suspect in the case, issued a red wanted warrant and asked Interpol to assist in the arrest.

On September 24, the US issued a nationwide arrest warrant for India. On February 25, 2008, India with a fake name was controlled by 5 Chinese people in the same motel and handed it over to the police because it looked like a wanted person.

An was born in 1954 in Shandong province, from the age of 8 he studied martial arts. In 1983, India was nominated by the Liaoning Provincial Tai Chi Association as one of the ten great Tai Chi masters of China, then at the annual Tai Chi meeting was voted as an international Tai Chi master. Based on this reputation, India opened a Tai Chi martial arts studio in the country, many people came to report to study, thereby earning a lot of money.

Tiet nai an was voted as an international famous tai chi master in the country. Photo: toutiao

Tiet Nai An was voted as an international famous Tai Chi master in the country. Image: Toutiao

In 1996, after the divorce, India brought her daughter to New Zealand to become a martial arts instructor. Teaching martial arts in New Zealand is not as favorable as in China, his daughter is also living separately, he has to rent out a room in his house to earn extra money. In 2003, a 23-year-old female student named Luu An An came to rent a room.

An is from Hunan province, his parents have their own company. While working at a bank, An applied to study in New Zealand through a broker. An’s mother objected to this decision, saying that the child was not able to be independent, could not bear suffering, and going abroad would definitely be hard. But An persisted, the family had to agree.

Arriving in New Zealand, An discovered that he had been cheated. She was not admitted to the university right away, but had to attend a six-month language course, otherwise she would not be admitted. When An failed the exam, the broker asked her to apply for a course at another university. An gave the rest of the money to the broker, who soon disappeared.

The family has conditions, An can seek help but does not want to admit defeat, so he solves this difficult problem by himself. The first thing to deal with is visas and housing. She read in the newspaper that an advertisement for a room for rent, the owner is Chinese, Indian, older than 25 years.

India said there is no need to take rent, just clean the house. An was overjoyed, quickly packed up his belongings and moved in. India began to pursue An and succeeded. When An found out he was pregnant, he proposed marriage so he could get a New Zealand green card. Seeing that the visa year was almost over, An agreed to give birth to a daughter, Tiet Thien Tam.

After marriage, An discovered that her husband was jealous and forbade contact with people of the opposite sex. As long as there is a small conflict, press the upper arm and lower leg with her. But not yet received the green card, An can only grit his teeth and be patient.

In 2006, she received a green card. During an argument, An was beaten again and this time decisively reported to the police. When the police saw that there was a wound on An’s body, they took it to the Auckland Women’s Protection Center and asked a court order not to allow India to approach. But then she withdrew the lawsuit and returned to live together.

In November 2006, after another quarrel, An took his daughter back to Hunan for a while. During this time, India lived with a girlfriend from Shandong, but still did not forget An, so he sent her a message, promising to “reform evil”.

An and an couple with their daughter. Photo: toiutiao

An and An couple with their daughter. Image: Toiutiao

Hearing that, in March 2007, An went to New Zealand to live with India. Just three months later, being abused again, she broke off the relationship, moved with her daughter to Wellington, and lived in a Chinese house. India brought an ax to Wellington, threatened the homeowner to hand over his wife and children, unexpectedly the owner brought a gun to threaten to shoot, India had to leave angrily. But after a while, An had to return to Auckland with India.

In March 2008, India was extradited to New Zealand for trial, sentenced to life in prison, 12 years without parole. On March 22, 2020, he served the full 12 years of his sentence, but his pardon application was still rejected because the authorities determined he had a high probability of recidivism.

In 2022, Little Pumpkin girl is 18 years old, has a peaceful life. To avoid undue influence, the grandmother changed the name of the little girl, and at the same time did not allow anyone to tell her the truth about her mother’s death.

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