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The tycoon was exposed to crimes because of polyamorous love

ChinaDoing honest business for 13 years but still empty-handed because his partner cheated twice, Thach Nhi Quan bitterly invited his compatriots to rob a bank and become a giant.

At 7:00 p.m. on December 4, 1999, when the employees of a Zhengzhou city bank began to rearrange the amount of savings received and deposited during the day, a security guard stood guard at the door. Seeing a few men with guns rushing over, the security guard hurriedly stopped.

Three shots rang out and the guard fell. The cashier of the transaction office saw that the situation was not good, sneaked close to the alarm device and pressed the button. Seeing the siren, the bandits continuously pulled the trigger, the rest of the bank employees also collapsed.

In just five minutes, they took away the entire 2.08 million yuan. By the time police arrived at the scene, the robbers were gone. Those hit by the bullets were all wounded.

At the scene, police recovered a number of fingerprints, shoe prints, and bullet casings. The police took data from the bank’s surveillance camera, but unexpectedly did not record the image of the robbers. Moreover, when it was already dark, they covered their faces again. The investigation fell into a deadlock.

16 years later, in October 2015, a man in Zhengzhou city took his stepchild to a forensic examination center for a DNA test, unaware that this test would change his life.

After leaving the necessary information, he returned to the company to monitor the progress of the work. This person’s name is Thach Nhi Quan, is a big boss in the construction industry in Zhengzhou city, has an affair with many beautiful women. The fact that Quan took his stepchild to take a DNA test was also not remarkable, until the police discovered that his fingerprints completely matched that of a robber in a bank robbery 16 years ago.

After investigating, the police determined that Quan was the mastermind. On October 21, Quan was arrested by the police while inspecting construction progress at the construction site of a local high school.

Thach nhi quan when he was arrested. Photo: toutiao

Thach Nhi Quan when he was arrested. Image: Toutiao

Pants quickly revealed the whole truth of the events of that year and his accomplices also fell into the net, his life story gradually revealed.

In 1982, when he was 20 years old, he used all his savings to get a contract to build a house. A few months later, the house was completed, quality assurance. The amount of money the person in charge of the construction had to pay to Troy was 700,000 yuan, but despite his pleas, this person still refused to pay.

Due to the lack of legal consciousness, Quan did not think about suing to get his money back, he could only swallow bitterly. After dividing all his last coins among the construction workers, Quan reluctantly returned to his hometown penniless.

In 1995, Quan decided to return to the construction industry again, after many years had earned a certain amount of money. Learning from the previous experience, this time, Quan carefully signed a contract with the owner of the project, asking the other party to advance one-third of the amount, then started working.

But Quan did not expect the scenario to repeat itself. It turned out that there was a loophole in the contract, and the person in charge took advantage of it to refuse to pay. Pants can’t win even if they sue.

After 13 years, Quan once again used all the money in his hand to distribute wages to workers, returned home empty-handed, and did not even have money to pay school fees for his daughter. Twice being tricked, Quan’s thoughts became negative, and he began to hate the unfair society.

In 1996, once, when he heard that he could buy homemade handguns on the black market, he began to cherish the thought of robbing a bank. In 1997, Quan asked an acquaintance to buy five homemade guns and ammunition on the black market for 1,500 yuan each. Then he began to invite his compatriots and friends, and began planning to rob a bank.

Being a careful person, Quan and his accomplices spent a year looking for a target, and finally chose the Cooperative Bank transaction office at the Chinese medicine market in Zhengzhou city. Trousers think that this transaction office is located in the wholesale market of Oriental medicine, after finishing the work, it is easy to withdraw. In addition, this transaction office often has people coming to deposit with a large limit.

After choosing a target, Quan spent nearly another year studying the terrain. During this time, pants discovered that the bank’s surveillance cameras stopped working every week because the memory was full, they could only record pictures but couldn’t save them. The next day, the staff changed the memory. True to his calculations, after the case happened, due to the lack of witnesses and the lack of surveillance video, the investigation fell into a stalemate.

After dividing to four accomplices one million, Quan used one million of the stolen money to once again invest in the construction segment, the business is getting bigger and bigger, by 2015, Quan’s net worth has reached half a billion people. yuan. Giants Quan has been awarded the title of a career example by the local government many times, even becoming the vice president of the city’s trade association.

Since his success, Quan has spent more than five million yuan to build bridges and roads in his hometown, and also give scholarships to help many poor students complete their studies. This time, the location where Quan was arrested is also the construction site of a secondary school that Quan built for the local government worth up to 29 million yuan.

Thach nhi quan worked with the investigating agency. Photo: toutiao

Thach Nhi Quan worked with the investigating agency. Image: Toutiao

Due to the long passage of time, the complicated circumstances of the case, key evidence such as the murder weapon could not be found. All that the police have in hand is only the testimony of the suspects and the fingerprints of these suspects at the scene.

The presence of a person’s fingerprints at the scene is not solid incriminating evidence, as many people go in and out of the trading room every day. Therefore, the case has not yet been brought to trial.

In addition to these difficulties, another issue that the court must deal with is how to handle the property of Mr. By law, the money robbed from the bank must be recovered, including interest from the bank ever since. But now Quan’s assets have reached 500 million yuan, while the amount recovered is only a few tens of millions.

One line of opinion is that all of Quan’s assets come from the illegal money obtained when robbing a bank, so it must be confiscated. Another view is that this money is legally obtained by the business, so it still belongs to the property of the group, it is necessary to separate between illegal and legal money, only money is illegal, right? collected with interest as prescribed, but cannot confiscate the entire property.

The case is considered very complicated, because Quan’s gang may have committed other robberies, as well as violations in the course of business, possibly related to the government. Pants and his accomplices have not yet appeared in court.

Although he was very active in charity work, he still could not atone for the sins of that year. For the crimes of robbery, sale, possession, illegal use of weapons and intentional injury, Quan and his accomplices face a maximum sentence of ten years in prison, possibly even up to a total of 10 years in prison. body or death penalty.

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