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The tragedy of the girl who gave birth to a rich man

AmericaFrom a girl with admirable beauty, education and career, Ji Nhien Tape had a “love net” with the giants, went abroad to give birth to children, until her parents died.

At about 2pm on August 16, 1993, a middle-aged man entered the gate of a residential area in Los Angeles, rang the bell of the house with a red car parked next to it. No one opened the door. The man impatiently went to the residential area management office to ask for a spare key, but was refused because he was not a resident here. The man stuck a note on the door and waited for 9 hours.

After 11pm, he lost his patience, tried to open the door, and was surprised to find that the door was unlocked. As soon as he turned on the lights in the living room, the scene of horror met his eyes, making him dumbfounded for a moment before he ran to a neighbor’s house to call the phone to call the police.

Five minutes later, police arrived at the scene. In the living room, the police saw an Asian woman in a black dress lying on her side on the sofa, stabbed dozens of times with a knife, holding a baby bib in her left hand. Besides, a few months old baby boy was also murdered.

While waiting for the medical examiner to examine the body, the middle-aged man was taken to the investigative agency to take a statement.

This man is Peng Tangji, a 50-year-old businessman from Taiwan. The female victim is Ji Ranbing, 25 years old, from Qingdao city, Shandong province, China. The murdered baby boy was hers, only 5 months old.

Ji nhien bang and his son. Photo: cctv

Ji Nhien Bang and his son. Image: CCTV

Receiving news from the Chinese embassy in the US about the death of their daughter, Bang’s family members did not understand why, why was her daughter in the US and since when did she have children?

Not long after the embassy call, Mr. Cat connected with Bang’s family, explained the situation, and expressed that he would bear all the expenses for Bang’s family to take care of her funeral. Three days later, Bang’s parents went to Los Angeles to attend the funeral of their daughter and granddaughter. Before the funeral, Mr. Cat gave Bang’s family $100,000 to comfort the grief of losing their child.

The case received great attention in the Chinese community in the US. Many people suspect that Bang was murdered by Sand due to emotional or economic conflicts. But if the real killer is Cat, why does he have to wait for hours in front of the house? After committing the crime, he had full capacity and time to leave the US and return to Taiwan. At that time, the US and Taiwan did not have an extradition agreement, so Cat would not be extradited to the US for trial.

According to the results of the investigation, Bang was born in a traditional family with a father who is an architect, a mother who is a doctor, an older sister is an electrical engineer, and a younger sister is studying at a university. From a young age, Bang was smart, vivacious, white and pretty, loved by many people.

After graduating from university, Bang worked at a hotel in Qingdao, briefly becoming a senior manager. At this hotel, Bang met Mr. Cat during a business trip. The beautiful girl who spoke fluent English and was always full of confidence left a deep impression on him.

Returning to Taiwan, he repeatedly wrote letters, called Bang, the relationship between the two became more and more intimate. A few months later, Bang quit his job at the hotel and moved to Shanghai to work as an assistant general manager for Cat’s company. When Bang was pregnant, Mr. Cat took his mistress to the US to wait for the birth.

Businessman peng tang cat. Photo: cctv

Businessman Peng Tang Cat. Image: CCTV

While the police were investigating the victim’s social relationships, forensics made an important discovery. On the victim’s left arm, there was a tooth mark that completely matched the tooth mark of Mr. Cat’s wife, Mrs. Lam Le Van. The strange DNA sample from the tooth mark confirmed that it belonged to Mrs. Van. However, this still does not confirm that Van is the killer.

In 1993, the application of DNA technology in criminal investigation was not as popular as it is today. Every time the prosecutors use DNA as evidence against the accused, they have to present a series of tables and figures to convince the jury, make the jury believe in DNA technology. Moreover, the order of the US police is to capture authentic evidence to arrest people, otherwise they will be sued by defense attorneys and may even lose their jobs. Therefore, more than four months later, the police questioned Mr. Cat and his wife.

Among the suspects, only Van did not pass the lie test. The police also discovered that Van completely had the time and conditions to commit the crime.

Mrs. Lam le van, mr. Cat's wife. Photo: cctv

Mrs. Lam Le Van, Mr. Cat’s wife. Image: CCTV

According to the allegation, Van flew from Taiwan to the US three days before the victim was harmed, her residence in the US was three miles from the victim’s home. The motive for the crime was said by the investigating agency to be jealousy. Moreover, although Bang and Cat did not register their marriage, Bang’s son still had the right to inherit according to the law, so Van killed the baby.

Initially, Van decided not to plead guilty, hired a lawyer, the most famous judicial expert in the United States to remove the crime. The two sides, the prosecutor and the defense argued vehemently, and after three months of trial, finally reached an agreement to plead guilty. Van admitted to intentional murder, was sentenced to 11 years in prison. In 2001 Van was pardoned and returned to Taiwan after 8 years of serving the sentence.

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