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The secret behind the colors on the passport cover

Although there are nearly 200 countries and territories in the world, in fact, passports of countries only revolve around 4 basic colors: green, red, blue and black.

Many people often mistakenly think that it is a mandatory regulation, but in fact, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) only issues guidelines on the size, type, and font size to be used at airports. passport reader. In addition, the passport must be made of a material that can withstand temperatures of -10 to 50 degrees Celsius and humidity up to 95%. As for the color, the government of each country is free to choose.

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In fact, there is no official international regulation on the choice of passport color of countries

Although based on 4 basic colors, passports of different countries have many different variations. The reason behind can be related to religion, politics, geography, policies and identity of each country.


Red is the most widely used passport color in the world. Most passports of EU member states (excluding Croatia) are red. In addition, some countries that are looking to join the EU have recently changed their passports to red. Turkey, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia or Georgia are among these countries.

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Red is the most widely used passport color in the world

Religious and historical reasons are also considered to be the reason why many European countries choose red for their passports. One of the main elements in Christianity is the special importance of the color red. On the other hand, the Nordic countries preferred the color red on their passports as a symbol of the Viking tribes, which had a particularly important place in their history. Besides, socialist countries often choose red for passports.


Green often symbolizes the religion or history of the country. The main reason green is used in the passports of most of the Muslim countries and their national flags is because green has a very important meaning in Islam and is recognized as a favorite color. of the Prophet Muhammad.

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Green often symbolizes the religion or history of the country

Green is also known as the color of nature and peace. In addition to Muslim countries, member countries of the Economic Community of West African States also choose green as the main color of their passports. The US also used green passports until 1976 and even switched to issuing green passports in honor of Benjamin Franklin for a period of one year from 1993 to 1994, before switching completely to blue. nowadays.


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Blue is the second most used passport color in the world

It is the second most used passport color in the world. Blue is commonly used on passports of countries in North and South America or some Asian countries. It is believed that the color blue mainly symbolizes a “New World”. In addition, blue is also used on passports for political purposes or international integration.


Out of all the passport colors, this is the rarest used passport color. Black passports are more commonly used in some African and Asian countries or New Zealand.

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Black is the rarest passport color in the world

In countries like New Zealand, Botswana and Zambia, black is the official color of the country. Apart from African countries like Angola, Congo and Malawi, Asian countries like Tajikistan and Palestine also favor light or dark black tones in their passports due to the important role black plays in their history and culture. . Besides ordinary passports, diplomatic passports of many countries such as the US are also black.

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