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The reason you are lazy all day

Almost everyone has had a situation where the mind chases different thoughts, even though your mind urges you to focus on a certain task.

Marcy Caldwell, a psychologist at Rittenhouse Psychological Services (USA), says that there are basic reasons for concentration problems, which are:

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The amount of sleep and the quality of sleep have a big impact on your ability to focus. A study conducted by the Sleep Research Unit, University of Turku, Finland found that sleep deprivation negatively affects attention, memory and the ability to sustain a prolonged task.

Too much work at once

It can be difficult to stay focused when you have to perform multiple roles or tasks at the same time, for example, working remotely, while balancing taking care of the family. “When you’re pulled in different directions, the brain becomes hard to partition and unable to focus attention on a deeper level,” explains Caldwell.

You are very emotional

Strong emotions can be distracting, whether it’s positive emotions like excitement and elation, or negative ones like pain and sadness. Michelle Hunt, a psychotherapist at Empower Your Mind Therapyindicates strong emotions that pull your attention away from the tasks at hand.

Distracted by phones, iPads…

Sometimes, while working, you surf Twitter, Facebook to watch a short video… These seemingly normal distractions are actually giving your brain a small boost of dopamine, that makes you feel that procrastinating work to surf the phone screen gives you a feeling of comfort. This even makes you feel that it is difficult to get away from the phone screen.

Your mental health is poor

Underlying issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, and more can all contribute to your concentration problems, says Caldwell.

Consequences of negligence

Your work efficiency is obviously greatly affected, because you are completely distracted and do not handle your work thoroughly. This can make it difficult to study effectively or prepare for an important work presentation. Pulling yourself back to tasks takes a lot of energy, even draining you.

How to improve concentration?

Sleep more: Getting more, more quality sleep is the most effective strategy for improving your focus. Caldwell says you should try to go to bed an hour or half an hour earlier, get rid of negative thoughts before bed, and maintain a consistent sleep schedule, even on weekends.

Do exercise: Exercise is a great way to replenish mental energy. A consistent exercise program will help you improve your attention span.

Meditation: Meditation is a long-term solution to help improve concentration. At first, you can try a short meditation if you are having trouble concentrating.

Limit external influences as much as possible. You should put your phone on silent or put it away while you are working.

Eat a balanced diet: According to Caldwell, such eating helps maintain energy balance, giving the brain energy to work.

Breaks: Experts recommend a reasonable combination of work and rest. After a few hours of concentrated work, you should go for a walk, have a snack… to give your body time to recharge.

Schedule work: Think about when you are most productive and what kind of tasks you complete best during that time. Caldwell believes that morning is the best time to focus on work. Then, noon and afternoon, you can rest, do some moderate tasks.

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