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The photo suddenly attracted attention all over the UK

The image of a pine tree cut in half has attracted the attention of many people after a dispute broke out between neighbors on the outskirts of Sheffield, County Waterthorpe, England.

Mr. Bharat Mistry (56 years old) is living in a 3-bedroom house with his wife and 2 daughters. He said the family was heartbroken when neighbors asked to cut half of the 5m tall pine tree that had grown in the garden for the past 25 years.

Although he asked neighbors not to cut down branches, he admitted they had the right to do so because the tree protruded 1m above the Mistry family’s land. He said: “We were very confused and begged and begged them not to do it, but they were determined. The tree is falling.”

The pine tree before being cut off one side.

His family was embroiled in a year-long argument with a neighbor about birds perched in a tree. Neighbors said the birds were making too much noise and disturbing their peaceful life.

A photo of the tree with a bare side was posted on social media with the headline: “A bit of traditional British pettiness exposed”. The image and account have since been deleted, but the photo went viral after being sent to a TV show by someone. The image spread more and more on social media and made many curious people come to the place to see.

Mr. Mistry’s daughter said the family suddenly became Instagram celebrities – something unexpected.

The tree is cut.

Previously, the Mistry family’s relationship with the neighbors was very friendly since he and his wife and children moved here in 1994. The two families often visit each other and help each other with many daily tasks. Initially, he trimmed the tree into a ball shape, and the neighbors agreed, until the birds began to perch on the tree, which is a seasonal occurrence.

“We have trimmed the tree many times before to keep it taller than the head and the neighbors driving into the house are not scratched. But they are angry because of the noise and mess of wild birds nesting in the trees.”

Mr Mistry said he had talked to neighbors about pruning the tree but received an overpriced quote. He was waiting when the neighbor decided to take drastic action and called someone to cut the tree, leaving his family dumbfounded.

Neighbors living in the area declined to comment. Several others in the neighborhood shared Mr. Mistry’s frustration with the strange appearance of the tree, which had been cut off on one side.

Mr and Mrs Mistry said that before that, they had a very good relationship with their neighbours.

An unnamed sub said: “When I saw the tree being cut, I just thought, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s a shame’. That tree is so lovely and adds to the beauty of the house and the street.”

But Mrs. Lee (75 years old), a neighbor cut the tree in half – protesting the criticism. She said the case had been “ridiculously blown up” and that she and her husband did not want to make a fuss.

She emphasizes that the birds are not the main problem. The important thing is that the tree is blocking their driveway. They wouldn’t hesitate to chop it down again if it continued to encroach.

According to Ms. Lee, although the Mistrys own the tree, she can legally prune it if it protrudes from their property again.

Ngoc Trang (According to Guardian/Metro)

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