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The new life of ‘Real Robinson’ after leaving the desert island

For nearly 33 years, Mauro Morandi (82 years old) lived in seclusion on the island of Budelli, off the coast of Italy. The media and the public called him “Robinson Crusoe real life version”, according to CNN.

In 1989, Morandi set foot in Buelli. Fascinated by the crystal clear waters, coral reefs and beautiful sunsets, the man decided to stay and become the caretaker of the island. Apart from occasional visitors to the island, Morandi lives alone.

After being threatened with deportation several times, Mr. Morandi had to leave his “roof” of more than three decades in April.

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Mr. Mauro Morandi has been moving to his new place for more than 4 months.

“I have given up on the war. After 32 years here, I feel very sad to have to leave. I will live away from humans, only going out when I need to buy things and still spend most of my time alone. My life won’t change too much, I will still see the sea,” he told CNN time to leave.

After nearly half a year of establishing a new life, the “real-life Robinson” is not as alienated from the community as he once said. Even Morandi is quite satisfied and enjoys her current place.

No longer want to be alone

At 82, Morandi calls herself “living proof that it’s always possible to start experiencing something completely different at any time in life”. Morandi has moved into a small house on La Maddalena, the largest island in the archipelago, not far from the old island.

“I’m happy and have rediscovered the joy of living with everyday amenities,” he said.

Using his pension, Morandi bought a small house on the island, buying more items and furniture that during the previous 33 years he refused to use.

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Morandi’s new house.

The whitewashed house, facing the sea, enjoys a quiet location in the bustling town of La Maddalena. Brand new, fully equipped kitchen. Bedroom with king size bed and bathroom shower.

No longer promoting solitude as before, the 82-year-old is trying to improve his communication skills. Morandi now looks forward to chatting with people, regularly posting photos of her new life on social media and actively interacting with her followers.

He is also writing a memoir, recounting his 33-year experience living on a deserted island. Plans to build a film inspired by his story are also underway.

“For so long, I’ve lived alone and don’t feel like talking to anyone. Now, life has taken a different turn, I try to make friends with the people on the island.”

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At the age of 82, “Robinson in real life” wants to meet and chat with locals.

However, Morandi still remembers the deserted look of Budelli Island because he is not used to the noise caused by traffic.

The return to civilized life also helps the emotional life of “real-life Robinson” go up. Morandi now shares a new place with her former lover from her youth.

Not only that, but the elderly man also had the opportunity to re-enjoy many dishes and drink wine – foods that were last enjoyed more than 3 decades ago.

“Finally, after so many years of abstinence, I can enjoy fish again. When I was on the island, I didn’t have a boat, so I couldn’t fish. Food was also scarce and I had no choice but to wait for people. Others bring goods from the mainland. In a new place, I just need to walk into town to buy things,” Morandi said.

“I don’t care for the island for free anymore”

“Real-life Robinson” admits that conditions on Budelli Island have been extra harsh, especially in winter.

Last year, low temperatures and overcast skies caused his solar-powered refrigerator to no longer preserve food. As a result, he had to eat canned food for months.

There has been a major shift in the 82-year-old’s opinion. Last year, Morandi still insisted he was willing to do anything to stay in Budelli, calling the island the only place he could live.

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Mr. Mauro Morandi while living on the island of Budelli.

Now the man enjoys his daily routine in La Maddalena.

In the morning, after breakfast on the terrace with barley coffee and a cigar, Morandi walks into the center of town, meeting people and buying groceries. He has had 2 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, so he wants to blend in with the local people.

“I was surprised how many people were friendly to me. They often invited me for coffee, dinner. Some came and congratulated me, wanting to take pictures with me,” Morandi said.

Before that, he was concerned that the islanders would not welcome him.

Many people consider Morandi to be the person with great merit in taking care of the island of Budelli. Others consider him to have romanticized his story to hide the fact that he was an illegal resident.

“I no longer long for that. However, I could return as a carer to the island if I get paid. I won’t do it for free anymore,” he said of his desire to return to the place. stay old. BILLION

Occasionally, Morandi still returned to his old residence during the day, taking away some personal belongings left behind.

According to Zing

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