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The mystery surrounding the phenomenon of ‘white night’

The mystery surrounding the white night phenomenon - 1

What is the white night phenomenon?

White nights or “bright nights”, is the name to refer to days with night time (locally) with not too low natural illumination even though the Sun has set below the horizon. , that is, the period of night can only be considered as including each twilight phenomenon (sunset or dawn).

Therefore, the night time at that place only lasts for a very short time, usually only from 11 pm to 3 am, which can be considered as twilight, dusk or dawn.

If you have the conditions and want to better understand what the white night phenomenon is, you can go to places with higher latitudes than the polar ring, admire the phenomenon in Europe or the white night phenomenon in Russia. That is why people still call them polar days and polar nights.

Cause of the phenomenon

Follow Science World Report, “white night” is a rare phenomenon. Records show that when the phenomenon occurs, even at night, the light is still enough for you to read a book like daytime.

The unusual glow in the sky after dark has also become a problem that scientists have had a headache to find answers to in recent times.

The mystery surrounding the white night phenomenon - 2

On nights when the phenomenon of “white night” occurs, people easily recognize this light. (Illustration)

Follow Deccan Chronicle, researchers initially thought that as the waves converged above the Earth’s atmosphere, they could amplify the natural glow in the air (usually blue) thanks to the movement of oxygen atoms in the atmosphere. This glow is usually not noticeable. However, on nights when the “white night” phenomenon occurs, people easily recognize this light.

Researchers from the University of York in Canada compared data collected on sunlight spikes with atmospheric waves. As a result, they found an association between these two factors.

Although “white night” is less common nowadays due to air pollution, in fact it still exists. Light in the atmosphere emitted by chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere (with various colors) is often thought to be responsible for this phenomenon. The green color in the air is seen as oxygen molecules separated by the Sun bond together again.

Data collected by the researchers shows that “white nights” usually occur once a year in one location (usually in places with little air pollution). However, it is important to note that the “white night” occurs at a time when there is no moon for us to see the difference.

Which countries often experience the phenomenon of “white night”?

The mystery surrounding the white night phenomenon - 3

White nights have penetrated deeply into the art and literature of beautiful Russia.

Russia is one of the countries where lovers of astronomical phenomena can easily observe the white night phenomenon like in St. Petersburg, which takes place over a two-month summer period, from about mid-May to mid-July.

At that time, the sun usually sets at 23:25, helping to prolong the day time to over 18 hours. When “white night” occurs, all things and people are immersed in the magical and ambiguous scene between sunset and dawn.

Taking advantage of this time, people have created a series of festivals, walking in the night, people staying up all night, pulling out into the street to admire the magical scenery of the city, flocking to concerts. , watching ballet performances and partying all night.

It is also for this reason that the white nights have penetrated deeply into the art and literature of Russia, becoming a legend and symbol of a large but peaceful and extremely hospitable country.

The phenomenon of white night is still happening in some countries in Europe such as: Helsinki – Finland, Stockholm – Sweden, Reykjavik – Iceland, Longyearbyen – Norway, Riga – Latvia, Paris – France, Salisbury – UK… The white night statue in Europe always has a strange attraction for tourists from all over the world who flock here every year.

According to Dan Tri

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