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The legendary Golden Island may have been found

Precious gold artifacts worth millions of dollars have been found over the past five years along the Musi River, Sumatra island, Indonesia.

Precious artifacts in pure gold with a value of up to millions of dollars have been found in the past 5 years along the Musi river, Sumatra island, Indonesia (Photo: Daily Mail).

The constant finding of precious artifacts makes archaeologists believe that this is the area where the legendary Srivijaya empire once existed. Srivijaya is a kingdom mentioned in Indonesian legends, people often call this kingdom “Golden Island”, legend has it that this is an ancient civilization that once reached great wealth. respectable prosperity.

In the past, people have always tried to find traces of Srivijaya kingdom because Srivijaya disappeared unexpectedly, inexplicably around the 14th century.

Until recently, a number of archaeological discoveries have led scientists to hope that they have found traces that prove the existence of the Srivijaya empire.

The artifacts found were accidentally found by local divers while diving into the river to catch aquatic products. On the Musi River, near the city of Palembang, divers are often surprised to find many ancient treasures, from 8th-century Buddha statues studded with precious stones, to jewelry. precious pure gold.

The Buddha statue dating back to the 8th century was found by divers (Image: Daily Mail).

British archaeologist Dr Sean Kingsley is now in Indonesia to participate in the research, he told The Guardian: “In the past five years alone, a lot of valuable antiques have suddenly appeared. present, coins, pure gold jewelry, Buddha statues, precious stones…”.

Dr. Kingsley believes that the Srivijaya empire did indeed exist mainly on the river, the houses of the people living under this empire were mainly boats moving on the river, this information has already been some ancient texts. mention. When this civilization ended, all traces also mysteriously disappeared.

Even so, the fact that divers have found precious pure gold jewelry, bronze and even gold Buddha statues with gems, dating back to the 8th century, leads archaeologists to believe that these artifacts reflected the wealth of the ancient kingdom of Srivijaya.

The reason why this kingdom disappeared is still a mystery. Professor Kingsley compares the disappearance of the Srivijaya empire to what happened to the ancient city of Pompeii (Italy), meaning that there were sudden and violent changes that took place.

The treasures found by fishermen are often quickly sold to those looking to buy antiques (Image: Daily Mail).

However, the difficulty that archaeologists are facing today is that they lack the resources to conduct archaeological activities on a large scale, while the treasures found by fishermen are often quickly sold. for those looking to buy antiques.

When the first clues just appeared, helping to reveal the existence of an empire still mentioned in the legend, archaeologists were worried again, that the story had not been told yet. world in its entirety, the artifact found was sold and scattered everywhere.



The first clues have just appeared, helping to reveal the existence of the Srivijaya empire (Photo: Daily Mail).

According to Dan Tri

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