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The greed of the ‘boss’ of the stripper business

AmericaSteve Banerjee has the world’s first, most famous and valuable male stripper, but is so eager to win, he hires people to kill all his competitors.

Steve Banerjee’s life is like a typical “American dream” story. An immigrant from India, he turned a run-down Los Angeles bar into a cultural phenomenon by redecorating it sexy and promoting a show of male dancers.

With a determination to succeed to the extreme, Banerjee does whatever it takes to make his nightclub grow. In the 1980s and 1990s, he not only hired men to break down his competitors’ bars, but also recruited assassins to take them down.

Born in 1946 in Mumbai, India, Steve Banerjee moved to the US in the late 1960s, working as a gas station attendant and supervisor at a loss-making gambling club.

Fortune came to Banerjee in the 1970s. He then bought a Los Angeles club called Round Robin and started a business. Banerjee kicks off an all-male exotic dance show for a female audience. He named it Chippendales and posted flyers all over Los Angeles. Accordingly, only women can watch this program with the performance of “extreme” boys.

The american dream and

Steve Banerjee and a Chippendales dancer. Image: ATI

After three customers and three dancers were arrested for “lewd behavior” during a police raid in 1979, the Chippendales show became a huge hit. Banerjee and his business partner encouraged the revealing dancers to serve live female audiences, flirting while pouring wine and lighting them.

Steve Banerjee even markets the Chippendales as a feminist revolution, telling the newspaper Los Angeles Times that his program “advances women’s tastes”.

In the early 1980s, the show attracted up to 15,000 customers a month. But Steve Banerjee’s outward happiness is meant to cover up his sins. In 1979, right at the start of his career, he hired someone to set fire to Moody’s Disco, a rival nightclub. Five years later, he tried to do the same at the Red Onion restaurant and bar.

As the Chippendales thrived, Steve Banerjee hooked up with New York-based producer and choreographer Nick De Noia. Charismatic and charming, Nick helped the Chippendales expand their business to New York and improve the dancers’ performances. As a result, Banerjee signed an agreement to split the Chippendales’ rights with De Noia.

But Banerjee wasn’t content with De Noia’s success. He suspected De Noia was withholding profits from the group’s New York tours. He was also jealous of his ability to attract all kinds of attention, and De Noia became increasingly popular with the public. De Noia’s dance troupe became more popular and sought after than the Chippendales of Banerjee in Los Angeles.

In 1987, Steve Banerjee hired someone to come to De Noia’s office on the 15th floor of a building to kill him.

Nick de noia provides choreography instruction for the chippendales. Photo: ati

Nick De Noia provides choreography instruction for the Chippendales. Image: ATI

But after De Noia’s death, Banerjee bought the rights to De Noia’s concerts with the Chippendales to continue making a fortune. Nor did anyone suspect that he was involved in De Noia’s death.

For many years, the Chippendales were the only entertainment destination for the Los Angeles sisters. But by the early 1990s, other men’s strip clubs began to spring up. Some Chippendales employees have looked to some of these other opportunities.

Being competitive made Banerjee’s eyes sting. In 1991, Banerjee approached a former assassin named Colon, asking to “kill” some of the employees who had moved to work for a rival theater company called Adonis in London. Colon sent a junior, so the police quickly found out.

This guy then claimed he was given a bottle of cyanide the size of an eyedropper by his senior Colon and directed to inject it into 3 former Chippendales employees.

The FBI searched Colon’s home and found enough cyanide to kill 230 people. Colon was loyal to his owner during 7 months of detention but eventually languished behind bars without seeing Banerjee bail. In the end, Colon agreed to help the FBI agents take down Banerjee.

But Banerjee immediately became suspicious of Colon upon seeing him free. So when they met in June 1992, Banerjee refused to answer any of Colon’s questions directly. Instead, he wrote the answers on paper for Colon to see and then immediately flushed them down the toilet.

It wasn’t until Colon was convinced that he was on the run that Banerjee began to open up. He agreed to meet Colon in a hotel room in Zurich, Switzerland, and discuss the murders of former Chippendales dancers, completely unaware that FBI agents were listening in from the next room.

“Did the FBI tell you anything about the De Noia case?” Banerjee inquired. “Do they know that I gave you money to buy a gun?” The two continued to talk, and thanks to that, the FBI had enough evidence that Banerjee gave Colon $500 to buy a gun to kill Nick De Noia.

Chippendales dance company on tour. Photo: ati

Chippendales Dance Company on tour. Image: ATI

Steve Banerjee was arrested in September 1993 on a series of alleged crimes, including Killing and Murder plot.

But just one day before being sentenced to 26 years in prison, on October 23, 1994, he took his own life in his cell by hanging with a bed sheet, at the age of 48.

“He didn’t get the punishment he deserved. A coward,” said Banerjee’s missing victims in the second assassination attempt.

Banerjee’s death marked a sad and shocking end for many compatriots who came to America with a life-changing dream. They realized, behind his momentary aura, turned out to be blood and nightmares.

Currently, the Chippendales Dance Company is still operating as an entertainment service company and is growing. Through the quality of the choreography and choreography, the Chippendales also helped legitimize stripping as a popular form of entertainment.

The company produces shows around the world and licenses intellectual property for products ranging from clothing and accessories to slot machines and video games. Chippendales dancers today perform in a $10 million theater and lounge built just for them at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Every year, Chippendales’ male dancers attract a loyal audience of more than 2 million people worldwide, performing in more than 25 cities in the United States, 23 cities in Central and South America, and more than 70 cities. throughout Europe, Asia and South Africa.

Hai Thu (Follow ATI, NYPost)

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