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The flight attendant’s deceitful love affair

ChinaDiscovering that her boyfriend had a wife and children in the countryside, Duong Duong accepted his forgiveness, forced him to divorce, and eventually fell into a sinful path.

Around 9:00 am on June 28, 2001, police in Chaoyang district, Beijing city, received news that young businessman Guo Xiaobin had been murdered at home. Police identified Yang Yang, 25 years old, Bin’s lover, as the main suspect and arrested on October 8, 2001.

Duong duong is a flight attendant with a beautiful appearance. Photo: sohu

Duong Duong is a flight attendant with a beautiful appearance. Image: Sohu

Yang Yang was born in 1976 in Fujian, graduated from a flight attendant training class of a vocational secondary school in Xiamen city. Duong overcame more than 2,000 applicants to become a flight attendant for Xiamen Airlines in 1993.

In 1997, Yang met Bin, more than 30 years old, general manager of Khang Thai real estate company in Beijing, on a flight. Bin kept talking, asking for Duong’s contact number. After that, he regularly made appointments to meet, invited to eat, but Duong skillfully refused.

Duong took a break from work to study for a higher degree and entered the business administration class of Peking University in September 1998. Ban drove a box, took flowers to school to pursue Duong. Before Bin’s enthusiastic attack, Duong fell in love. In October 1998, the two officially lived together.

After his advanced studies ended, Duong plans to return to work as a flight attendant. But under the advice of Bin, she decided to quit the profession. During this time, Duong’s mother remarried to a Canadian, she could do immigration procedures for her children. Duong rejected her mother and stayed in China with her boyfriend.

In June 1999, Duong overheard Bin using the local dialect to call his hometown to inquire about his son’s health. Duong was very shocked and asked Bin why he cheated on her. Ban cried, saying that this marriage was a mistake when he was young, the couple did not have a common voice, wanted to get a divorce, but because of the small child, they could not decide forever. He repeatedly expressed his feelings, promising to return to his hometown to divorce his wife to marry her. Still in love with Bin, Duong accepts forgiveness.

But after that, every time he asked, he always evaded. She asked Bin within 1-2 years to settle his own affairs. During this time, Duong repeatedly pressed her boyfriend, causing the two to have conflicts. But she did not definitively break up with Bin because she was used to being pampered and provided for.

In April 2000, with the support of Bin, Duong went to Switzerland to study abroad, meeting each other occasionally. Ban became increasingly cold towards her, even used to bleed when arguing. Duong thinks that Bin’s wife – Trieu Le Tinh – is the main obstacle preventing them from getting married.

In July 2000, Duong returned from Switzerland to Quanzhou city, Fujian province. Duong knows that Bin is asking someone to let Tinh immigrate to Hong Kong. She called Tinh, claiming to be a Hong Kong immigration procedure officer, and made an appointment for an interview. She bought 10 thermometers, broke them, poured mercury into a small bottle, tricked it into a test solution, and asked Tinh to drink it under the pretext of a health check. Seeing Tinh finished drinking the poison, Duong was scared and hurried to find an excuse to leave.

Tinh called her husband to tell him about the incident, and Bin immediately asked his wife to go to the hospital to check and report to the police. Tinh was diagnosed with mercury poisoning, if not treated promptly, it will leave severe sequelae. Bin took his wife to Beijing for treatment for more than a month to completely remove the toxins.

Duong returned to Switzerland that same day. Bin also did not pursue criminal responsibility with Duong, but he felt that Duong was too cruel and wanted to break up. After that, Duong expressed that he would not force Bin to divorce anymore, the two just started to reconnect.

In April 2001, Duong finished his studies and returned to Beijing. She decided to listen to her mother, apply for a Canadian student visa and settle there. However, Duong and Bin have not completely ended their relationship.

Previously, the two lived together, but now Bin has bought a new house under his wife’s name, without giving the key to Duong. While waiting for the visa, Duong rented a room.

At midnight on June 27, 2001, Duong took the car to Bin’s house, saw him go to the bathroom to call a girl, so he was very angry. After having sex, Duong surreptitiously searched Bin’s phone book, was discovered by him, chased him with a knife. During the struggle, Duong grabbed a knife and stabbed Bin more than a dozen times, causing him to die on the spot.

She dragged Bin into the bathroom, cleaned up the blood stains in the room, took Bin’s car to throw away knives and blood-stained things. When he returned with a large suitcase to dispose of the body, Duong discovered that the maid was reporting to the police, so he quickly fled. On October 8, 2001, Duong was arrested when he went to the Canadian embassy to apply for a visa.

Duong duong cut her hair short after two years in prison. Photo: sohu

Duong Duong cut her hair short after two years in prison. Image: Sohu

On September 9, 2002, Duong was sentenced to death for attempted murder. On August 8, 2003, after appealing, Duong was sentenced to death but delayed for two years, with the opportunity to be converted to life imprisonment. The judge found that the victim was at fault first because he hid the fact that he was married.

Tue Anh (Follow Sina, Sohu)

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