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The fateful night of 8 girls who forgot to close the window

ChinaThe murder of eight girls in an apartment building was the most horrifying tragedy in Beijing in 1999 and was solved in just one week.

Around 4:00 a.m. on May 30, 1999, Beijing city police received news that a murder had occurred on the second floor of an apartment complex in Shijingshan District. The scene that many seasoned police officers could not imagine when seven girls were murdered in the room, one of them collapsed next to a car parked in front of the building. The oldest was 24 years old, the youngest 17 years old, all suffered more than a hundred knives.

The eight victims are employees of a handicraft company based in Fujian, renting a house in the Shijingshan area, west of Beijing, both as an office and as a dormitory. They sell goods at the jewelry counter in the shopping mall. One of them had only arrived in Beijing a day before the incident.

At the scene, the doors and windows of the apartment were intact, with no signs of breaking. The bags in the living room showed signs of being ransacked, but except for the stolen cash, the phone and other valuables were still intact. On the floor were the footprints of slippers and the footprints of socks, which were all bloody and did not belong to the eight girls.

The bags of the victims in the living room. Photo: 163

The bags of the victims in the living room. Image: 163

Because of the large number of victims, the wide range of the scene, and the distribution of blood stains in many places, the police had to thoroughly investigate the scene more than 10 times. Finally, they discovered at the scene that there was blood from another person besides the eight victims. Combined with the details of 8 girls being killed by the same knife, the police determined that the perpetrator was alone and was injured during the crime.

One victim escaped from the apartment and was stabbed to death in front of the building. Among the bloodstains along the stairs to the floor, the forensics detected a drop of blood in the opposite direction. The fleeing victim will not return, so this bloodstain belongs to the perpetrator. Because the killer’s blood could not be found outside the building, he was injured but was able to escape the scene in a short time, the police speculated that this could be a resident in the building, hiding somewhere.

The investigation team knocked on the door of every household in the building. Most neighbors reported hearing cries for help and strange noises to varying degrees, but did not dare go out to investigate. There was only one man named Trieu Lien Vinh who lived right next to the scene but said he didn’t hear anything. This strangeness caught the attention of the police.

The more he was asked, the more he showed panic and stuttered. Police observed Vinh, found that his head, face and limbs were not injured, but still silently listed him as a suspect.

The next day, the investigation team checked the footprints, everyone else cooperated, and Vinh made an excuse to go out. When he returned, he found that he could not hide anymore, he was annoyed, deliberately lifted his foot and bent the table. legs, threatened to be sent to the new station to cooperate. Through comparison, Vinh’s footprints coincided with blood-stained footprints at the crime scene, the stairs and outside the apartment. The blood test results also matched.

On June 6, 1999, a week after the murder, the police arrested Vinh. In the interrogation room, when asked to take off his clothes to check for injuries, Vinh, who had always kept quiet, suddenly panicked and sweated. He stammered for a cigarette and a glass of water. After drinking water, Vinh slowly undressed, revealing a fresh wound on his thigh. The black socks he was wearing were the same ones he wore when he committed the crime.

Trieu lien vinh. Photo: 163

Trieu Lien Vinh. Image: 163

Vinh is 37 years old, a neighbor who lives next to the apartment of 8 victims. Vinh worked as a factory worker after graduating from high school, has a wife who is a switchboard operator in Thach Canh Son’s house and a 5-year-old son. According to the comments of colleagues, Vinh has no criminal record, introverted personality, rarely interacts with people around and has never committed violent acts. Therefore, the fact that Vinh was accused of being the killer of 8 innocent girls surprised the family and people around.

Vinh declared that he always felt lonely, no one understood, always because of poverty, he could not raise his head. Dissatisfaction with life, desire for money increasingly accumulated, leading to negative thoughts in Vinh’s head.

At the end of the summer of 1998, Vinh saw eight young girls coming to rent a three-bedroom apartment next to his house. Every time he passed by, Vinh politely nodded to greet the neighbors. Although he never spoke directly, Vinh secretly asked for all the information about them. He knew they were dealing in jewelry and gems in a big shopping mall, dressed up and wearing pretty makeup every day.

The bedroom window in the southeast of Vinh’s apartment is opposite to the girls’ dormitory balcony, only about a foot away, he can see clearly what they are doing when he peeks his head out. Often peeking at their movements every day, Vinh discovered that the neighbor’s balcony window was always open, even at night not closing to catch the wind when it was hot.

The apartment complex where the murder occurred in thach canh son district. The perpetrator and the victims are on the 2nd floor. Photo: weibo

The apartment complex where the murder occurred in Thach Canh Son district. The perpetrator and the victims are on the 2nd floor. Photo: Weibo

On the evening of May 30, 1999, his wife was on night duty, Vinh was sleeping with his children when he was woken up by a noise outside the door. He saw the neighboring girls coming home late from work laughing and joking with each other. Thinking about their jewelry business, Vinh suddenly had an intention to rob.

Around 3 am, seeing that the neighbor’s house had turned off the lights, the surrounding was quiet, Vinh wore gloves, held a knife, did not wear shoes but only socks, opened his door to conveniently escape after committing the crime and jumped from bedroom windowsill into 8 girls’ dorm balcony.

From the balcony, Vinh sneaked into the southern bedroom, killing 5 people sleeping. Then, he chased a girl who ran out of the apartment and returned to the scene, killing the girl who was calling for help and the last victim hiding in the northern bedroom.

The attack lasted about 20 minutes. Vinh ran home after finding some cash, immediately washed the blood stains on his clothes, and threw away his gloves. Only then did he discover that his thigh had been cut by a knife.

Vinh was arrested on June 15, 1999, convicted Intentional murder and sentenced to death, executed on July 21, 1999.

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