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The 1,000-year sword of the Polish knight

The millennium sword dating from the early 11th century is said to have belonged to a knight who worked for the first king of Poland.

The 11th century sword was buried in the soft earth. Photo: pap

The 11th century sword was buried in the soft earth. Image: PAP

The one meter long sword was discovered at a secret location in Lower Silesia, Poland. This may have been the weapon of the knight in the service of the brave King Boleslaw (967 – 1025). Three local residents searched the area in the village of Lewin Kłodzki, Poland bordering the Czech Republic on August 1 and accidentally found the sword buried in soft soil about 30 cm deep. They immediately informed the archaeologists in Wałbrzych.

Although it was broken and had some oxidation erosion, the sword was in good condition. The handle is separate from the rest and the end of the blade is cracked. According to archaeologist Marek Kowalski of the Office for the Protection of Historic Monuments of Lower Silesia, the sword has a high historical value. Several similar swords have been unearthed on the island of Ostrów Lednicki.

Dr. Lach Marek of the Institute of Archeology at the University of Wroclaw is preserving the sword. Since no other objects were found nearby, archaeologists ruled out the possibility that this was a burial item. At present, they still do not know if the sword fell to the ground or was buried purposefully. They plan to conduct a CT scan of the sword to determine if there are inscriptions on it, thereby identifying its owner.

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