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  • 2010 Trend Predictions For Affluent Ethnic Consumers

    As the fiscal year ends this June, luxury marketers are starting to think of new ways to reach new consumers. Given the myriad of changes in the marketing and media landscape, there is still a segment of highly qualified consumers that are untapped and easy to reach. These consumers are not your usual suspects. And […]

  • Economic Survival in the 21st Century – the Three Key Questions to Ask

    In this “special report”, I want to pose a few important “philosophical questions” to my readers. Firstly — our Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, addressed the effects and implications of our aging population on things such as Social Security again in a speech [http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20040828/ap_on_bi_ge/greenspan_32] that he made last Friday. Readers may remember that I also […]

  • Helping a Cause Through Crowdfunding

    Charitable institutions raise awareness about different issues in society. It can be about environmental problems, societal issues, medical issues and so much more. Philanthropists are people who support these charities through financial help and endorsements. When these people raise enough awareness about the causes they support, they can start asking for other people’s help. This […]

  • Alien Profiteering for Cosmic Engineering

    Aliens, as in cosmic visitors, provokes all manner of human reactivity. Here, the characterization has nothing to do with human creatures seeking asylum or other amenities from a host country. Instead, the focus is interplanetary. Likewise, traveling the universe inspires a variety of notions. As to how such things happen, science collides with science fiction. […]

  • More Strategies For Household Savings

    We’re all in the same boat nowadays. An ever worsening national economy has seen prices for most everything rise seemingly by the day. It’s not just gas – though the global oil shortage has much to do with associated cost hikes. Even food manufacturers and distributors are suffering through tough times and must raise prices. […]