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  • Get Exposed! 5 Tips to Writing a Press Release

    As the publisher of a women’s business magazine in Alberta, Canada, I dredge through hundreds of press releases regularly with my eyes glazed over. Why are they glazed over? Well everyone pitches their product or service with boring news releases about how successful they are being a mother and running a business. If that is […]

  • Writing Effective Press Releases

    If writing press releases is a part of your job, then among the first things you must remember is although your final target audience is the readers of the news, the media as the vehicle for getting the news published is just as important. The media need not and usually do not publish a large […]

  • Role of Site Structure in Web Designing and Traffic

    Search engine optimization is major feature for the search results. There are mainly two types of optimization: on page optimization and off page optimization. On page search engine optimizations are things that we can change on our webpage. Off page search engine optimization comes down to basically one thing, which websites are linking to your […]

  • News Media Vs Internet Media

    National and local newspapers across the world are facing their most radical restructuring in history; scores are folding as advertisers migrate to online advertising. Cutbacks have led to hundreds of journalists being invited to clear their desks. Falling circulation and higher production costs are making matters worse whilst increasing numbers of readers save time and […]

  • How to Send a Press Release That Gets Noticed

    Press releases are a great way to effectively get the word out about your business and your website, but you have to know how to send a press release out before you can reap the potential rewards. Regardless of whether or not you are the one who will actively manage and send out your news […]