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  • Mobsters – Frank Costello – The Prime Minister of the Underworld

    In 1891, Frank Costello was born Francesco Castiglia in Lauropoli, a mountain village in Calabria, Italy. In 1893, Costello’s father moved alone to New York City, where he opened a small grocery in East Harlem. In 1900, the elder Castiglia had saved up enough money to send for his wife, Frank, and Frank’s older brother […]

  • 115 Ways to Be Your Own Boss

    (1) HAND DECORATING of ordinary objects pays well. Their value is often quadrupled. Prepared stencils and designs are available from hobby shops. You can work in attic or basement and need invest very little in supplies. Saleable items are initialled tumblers, stools, trays, jugs, boxes, waste-baskets, greeting cards, toys. Sell your work to gift shops […]