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Spain’s prime minister calls for ditching ties to save energy

Prime Minister Sanchez revealed he stopped wearing ties to save energy and urged ministers and office workers to follow suit.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on July 29 appeared at a press conference about the government’s energy saving plan. He wore a white, unbuttoned shirt and vest.

“I want you to note that I don’t wear a tie. This means we can all save energy,” Mr. Sanchez said. “I have asked ministers, civil servants and I want private office workers to do the same, not to wear a tie if it is not necessary.”

Mr. Sanchez did not specify how giving up a tie saves energy, but the advice comes days after Spain’s Environment Ministry called for air conditioning to be turned on at 27 degrees Celsius, significantly higher than the average. with the level people usually set.

“If you combine it with a fan, you will cut your electricity consumption by almost half,” said the Spanish environment ministry.

Spanish prime minister pedro sanchez at a press conference in madrid on july 29. Photo: reuters.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez at a press conference in Madrid on July 29. Image: Reuters.

Spain is experiencing an unusual heat wave with temperatures in many areas exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. The government of this country has repeatedly urged people to reduce electricity consumption by not using air conditioners excessively.

Prime Minister Sanchez said Madrid will announce emergency measures early next week to improve efficiency and save energy.

Spain in particular and the European Union (EU) in general are looking to reduce energy consumption in the context of increasingly tight supply from Russia. The EU on July 26 approved a voluntary proposal to cut gas demand by 15% from August to March 2023, which could be made mandatory if an energy crisis occurs.

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