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Russia posted a video of the Pantsir complex shooting down Ukrainian armed drones

The Russian Ministry of Defense published a video of the Pantsir complex fighting in Ukraine, as well as the downed enemy Bayraktar TB2 UAV.

“During the combat mission, the crew of the Pantsir anti-aircraft missile-cannon complex continued to destroy the Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that the Ukrainian armed forces used to scout military positions. Russian team, as well as Tochka-U missiles that the enemy launched on liberated settlements,” the Russian Defense Ministry announced on August 2.

The agency said the crew of the Pantsir complex in question belongs to a unit of the Western Military District that is participating in a special military operation in Ukraine. The specific deployment location of this Pantsir complex is not disclosed

The video released on the same day shows that the Russian servicemen control the Pantsir complex moving to the deployment position, the upper radar continuously rotates to detect the target. The Pantsir complex then launches a missile and fires a 30 mm cannon to lower the target in the air.

The video also has an image of the Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 UAV debris shot down by the Pantsir complex. Ukraine often uses Bayraktar TB2 drones to scout and attack Russian forces.

Ukraine has not commented on the information of the Russian Defense Ministry.

Russia posted a video of the pantsir complex shooting down ukrainian armed drones

The Russian Pantsir anti-aircraft missile and artillery complex participated in a special military operation in Ukraine in a video published on August 2. Video: Russian Defense Forces.

Russia has been developing Pantsir anti-aircraft artillery – missile since the 1990s to replace the Tunguska M1 complex. The Pantsir-S1 variant is equipped with two 30 mm cannons and 12 anti-aircraft missile launchers with a range of 18 km, a ceiling of 15,000 m.

The Russian Defense Ministry’s Zvezda channel said that the Pantsir complex can detect many types of targets in the sky, from large objects such as cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, aircraft, helicopters, anti-missile shells. force to a very small object such as a drone with a size of 30×30 cm.

The Pantsir complex has a thermal imaging camera that allows the gunner to detect whether the plastic shell of the UAV has explosives and detonators attached. “Each battle shift, the crew detects dozens of targets in the sky. When the target flies into Pantsir’s firing range, the complex will destroy them immediately,” Zvezda channel reported.

“Pantsir’s effectiveness is up to 100%, so the enemy hunts for these combinations,” the bulletin reads. “Ukrainian intelligence tries to find out the location of the Pantsir complexes by all possible means, including the use of UAVs and reconnaissance groups. Therefore, the crew changed the location of the Pantsir deployment several times each day. battle song”.

Ukraine is using a variety of light UAVs to deal with the Russian military campaign, of which the main line is the Bayraktar TB2. TB2 aircraft 6.5 m long, 12 m wingspan, maximum take-off mass 650 kg, capable of 27 hours of continuous operation at a distance of 300 km from the control tower. Each carrier can carry a load of 150 kg, of which the weight of the weapon is 55 kg. TB2 is equipped with MAM-L laser-guided missiles with 4 types of warheads with a maximum mass of 22 kg.

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