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Outbreaks of violence test Biden’s approach to Israel

Amid escalating tensions, with Israeli State troops shelling the Gaza Strip and Palestinian militants firing rockets at Israel, Washington sent Hady Amr – the top US State Department official – to meet with leaders Israel and Palestine.

The Biden administration has reached out to Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to try to shape a regional response.

US President Joe Biden. Photo: EPA

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin were involved in regional efforts before President Biden pledged on May 12 to “keep in personal contact with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Speaking to reporters the next day, Blinken said the US was “deeply concerned about the violence on the streets of Israel”.

“Israelis and Palestinians deserve to join the celebrations [tôn giáo] without fear of violence. We believe Israelis and Palestinians deserve equal measure of freedom, security, dignity and prosperity. That recognition will continue to advance our approach,” he said.

Asked if Prime Minister Netanyahu was doing enough to prevent the violence from escalating, Biden said he had not seen “an overreaction” from Israel. “The question is how . . . they get to the point where there’s been a significant reduction in attacks, especially indiscriminate rocket attacks on population centers,” Biden said.

But there are many risk factors that stand in the way of any US effort to end the crisis, including the fact that Washington has little leverage over Hamas, an organization the US classifies as a terrorist.

Aaron David Miller, an Arab-Israeli negotiator who has worked in various US administrations, said that President Biden’s risk aversion will be maintained unless there is a [thương vong hàng loạt] some. . . and this is really getting worse.”

As of May 13, the death toll in Gaza reached 87, while in Israel it was 7.

Conflict escalated, Israeli infantry attacked Gaza early May 14 Photo: AP

Strong bipartisan support in the US for Israel has been tested under President Obama, and Prime Minister Netanyahu enjoys a close relationship with President Donald Trump, who has brought strong benefits to Israel. Israel.

Now, the sitting US President has a nuanced relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

While restoring US aid to Palestinian refugees that had been cut off by his predecessor, Biden did not change Trump-era decisions, such as moving the US embassy to Jerusalem or closing the US embassy. office door of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Washington.

President Biden disagrees with Israel’s settlement policy in the West Bank (which most of the world also considers illegal), but he opposes demands from some Democrats on the left that the US should facilitate Israel’s support in the way it treats the Palestinians.

“[Ông ấy] basically sympathetic to Israel …”, the FT quoted Michael Makovsky – President of the Jewish Institute for National Security – a conservative group pro-Israel. this [về các vấn đề Israel – Palestine], he’s better than the Obama administration. They don’t want to have open conflicts with Israel.”

Meanwhile, a member of the US mission to the United Nations stated that Washington “supports an open meeting at the Security Council early next week to create space for diplomatic efforts underway at high level.” first, to de-escalate tensions and move toward a ceasefire” in Gaza.

According to a person familiar with Biden’s Israel policy, on a private level, US officials are urging Israel to exercise restraint and clarify its goals.

The US has tried to go on a tightrope – condemning attacks on both sides and protesting the expulsion of Palestinian families in Jerusalem, but Hamas has fired at least 1,500 rockets towards Israeli towns and here it is. considered a test of this approach.

“The idea that Hamas could fire missiles at Israel – to Mr. Biden, that is not only unacceptable but also insulting,” a senior US official commented. “It fundamentally changes the context.”

While progressives want President Biden to appoint a special envoy on the Arab-Israeli conflict, his administration wants to restore the vital role of Egypt, which has arranged several truces between the two countries. Israel and Hamas in the 2014 war – to resolve the crisis. Cairo has leverage at its disposal because it controls its border with the Gaza Strip.

On May 12, Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of J Street, a pro-Jewish progressive group, accused the US of “disregarding diplomacy” and called on Washington to play a “strong and positive role”. more extreme”. He wants the Biden administration to send a clear, unequivocal message that “the provocations in Jerusalem that are the source of the current situation must stop.”

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Conflict escalates, israeli infantry attacks gaza

Conflict escalates, Israeli infantry attacks Gaza

Israel announced it had sent troops into Gaza early this morning (May 14). This is a major escalation of violence between Israelis and Palestinians.

The scene of devastation after the israeli tit-for-tat scene - hamas

The scene of destruction after the Israeli tit-for-tat scene – Hamas

The worst conflict between Israel and Hamas in the past 7 years continued until the night of May 11.

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