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Ms. Pelosi may meet the leader of Taiwan tomorrow

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives is expected to visit Taiwan tonight and meet the island’s leader tomorrow, despite objections from China.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi is expected to arrive at Taipei Songshan Airport by private plane at 22:20 (21:20 Hanoi time) today, the newspaper said. Liberty Times reported by Taiwan.

Financial Times Citing three sources, Ms. Pelosi is expected to meet with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on August 3. Meanwhile, a source of Bloomberg said the meeting has not yet been set. Ms. Pelosi is scheduled to leave the island on the afternoon of August 3.

Taiwan’s diplomatic mission was not immediately available for comment. The head of Taiwan’s executive branch, To Trinhchang, today reaffirmed that the island “warmly welcomes” foreign guests, “will make the most suitable arrangements” and respects their plans.

Us house of representatives speaker nancy pelosi speaks during a press conference on capitol hill, washington, july 29. Photo: reuters.

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks during a press conference on Capitol Hill, Washington, July 29. Image: Reuters.

The above information comes in the context of Ms. Pelosi’s visit to Asia, with the first stop being Singapore. Malaysian media reported that she arrived in Kuala Lumpur today and will meet the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the House of Representatives of this country. Previously, the Office of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives on July 31 listed the stops as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and South Korea, but did not mention Taiwan.

If Ms. Pelosi comes to Taiwan, it will be the first visit by a US House of Representatives speaker to the island in 25 years. Pelosi will also be the highest-ranking US lawmaker to visit Taiwan since former House Speaker Newt Gingrich visited in 1997.

Taiwan has been a hot issue in US-China bilateral relations in recent years. China has always considered Taiwan as a province awaiting reunification and declared its readiness to use force if necessary.

The US is committed to respecting the “One China” principle, but continues to maintain relations with Taiwan and provide the island with modern weapons. China has warned that its relationship with the US “will be broken if it does not properly handle the Taiwan issue”.

China recently repeatedly warned the administration of US President Joe Biden, after information about Ms. Pelosi’s plan to visit Taiwan was announced. Financial Times posted on July 19, even “open to military action”. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on August 1 called on China to act responsibly and “not escalate tensions” should the visit take place.

Ms. Pelosi had planned to visit Taiwan in April, but the trip was postponed after she tested positive for nCoV. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the time criticized the trip as a “malicious provocation”. In a phone call on July 28, Chinese President Xi Jinping told US President Biden that “those who play with fire will get burned”.

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