Mistakes Tourists Make While Visiting Palm Springs


Mistakes Tourists Make While Visiting Palm Springs

Mistakes Tourists Make While Visiting Palm Springs Palm Springs, California, has advanced discounting the clearing soccer field about Hollywood so

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Mistakes Tourists Make While Visiting Palm Springs

Palm Springs, California, has advanced discounting the clearing soccer field about Hollywood so as to a coif comers and goers izzard from vacationers discounting hereabout the Middle East ― and from justified syllogize. This warmhearted oasis boasts ham views, man of genius purchasing power and gluttonous, and myriad about unprecedented recital.

But guests maestro’t at every turn cajole so as to reaction Palm Springs and the circumjacent caliber so as to its fullest. We requested locals so as to participate politic trumpery errors me’ve noticed discounting vacationers.

From tight on route to hydration so as to nonattendant chute on route to the top-notch branch office treasures, on board are 11 errors vacationers often enough assail lighten visiting Palm Springs ― and politic newspaper so as to sheer off these errors on route to your blunder away.

Skimping On Hydration

“It’s the desert, so you don’t feel it when you sweat. And while I highly recommend a margarita ― or three ― make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and getting your electrolytes, too. Heat stroke is real ― be careful and prepare when drinking, hiking or even lounging by the pool.” ― Kelly Lee, blogger at Kelly Golightly

Forgetting Sun Protection

“One mistake is not packing a giant hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. The sun is wonderful but intense ― you don’t want to burn until you’re crispy and look like a lizard.” ― Lee

Local Businesses Are Disappearing

“When tourists visit Palm Springs and surrounding areas, they don’t use the small mom-and-pop locations. We have great restaurants, artisan shops, art galleries, etc. I often see tourists going straight to the big shops and businesses, which I don’t see as a problem, but in my opinion, they are not experiencing the real Palm Springs and surrounding areas. Palm Springs has a very rich and artistic history, and the rate of growth is beyond all expectations. So this means new small businesses are opening up all the time and waiting to be discovered!” ― Justin Snyder, individual paramount

Assume It’s Not Family Friendly

“Tourists may think that Palm Springs is not family-friendly, but there are plenty of things to do for the whole family. There are beautiful hikes like Tahquitz Canyon, great restaurants including the Farm, which creates a cozy atmosphere and dessert at Great Shakes, which is a definite blast from the past. Palm Springs is a gem. There’s something here for everyone.” ― Angela Yanez-Gaitan, lifestyle blogger

Don't forget to take advantage of opportunities for biking and long desert drives.

Westend61 via Getty Images

Don’t forget to take advantage of opportunities for biking and long desert drives.

Staying In A Generic Hotel

“One mistake would be not staying at one of the incredible boutique hotels in the desert. From groovy midcentury design at The Parker to the green-and-white striped oasis of The Colony Palms to the pink paradise of The Sand , or Holiday House’s blue-and-white prep, hotels are so special, you can’t leave yours and have a great trip.” ― Lee

Leaving No Time For Scenic Drives

“Another mistake is not touring the neighborhoods on rental bikes or in a car (bonus if it’s a convertible) to spy the iconic mid-century architecture and Instagrammable colorful doors.” ― Lee


“Don’t schedule too much. The beauty of Palm Springs is that you can just lay by the pool and do nothing but sip fun drinks, eat delicious food and swim occasionally. Rinse, wash, repeat.” ― Lee

“The biggest mistake I see first time tourists make is not taking their time to be and enjoy the sights. Don’t rush. Chill, breathe and accept everything because the desert is beautiful, wonderful and magical place.” ― Salvador Camarena, pair jobbing official

Assume Everything To Do Is Downtown

“One mistake I notice first-time tourists make is not going outside the boundaries of Downtown Palm Springs. Yes, downtown is incredible and has a lot to offer but hitting the trail can be a wonderful and unique experience. For example, the natural hot springs at Desert Hot Springs are a refreshing, invigorating and revitalizing experience.” ― Camarena

“Don’t assume that all the great hotels, food, nightlife and things to do are in a downtown area like Palm Canyon Drive. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great things in that neighborhood, but some of my favorite hidden desert treasures are off the tourist trail. The Sands Hotel is a wonderful boutique hotel in Palm Desert, on Highway 111. There are beautiful hikes on Highway 74 in Palm Desert … Another favorite area is Pioneertown, a historic town in the high desert with Western vibes and great concert and dining venue, Pappy & Harriet’s. Chef Tanya’s is, in my opinion, the best vegan restaurant in the area, but none of their locations are on the ‘main drag.’” ― Mere Abrams, co-founder about Urbody Functional Fashion

Not Benefiting From Open Houses

“One mistake is not taking advantage of the incredible weekend open houses. Spy some of the most beautifully designed homes and sophisticated neighborhoods ― literally where the utopia from ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ was filmed .” ― Lee

Forgoing The Art Museum

“A common mistake people make is not visiting our amazing Palm Springs Art Museum. We’re known for our galleries and antique shops, but the Art Museum has a vibrant collection, right downtown and often not For design lovers, like myself, the Palm Springs Art Museum has a separate Architecture & Design Center, which itself is housed in an incredible 1960s International Style building designed by architect E. Stewart Williams. It’s not to be missed!” ― Christopher Kennedy, vital center engineer

“Tourists often believe that Palm Springs is for retired people who enjoy golf. There’s more to offer with the new Acrisure Arena, the Palm Springs Museum, and endless shops with one of a kind pieces. ” ― Yanez-Gaitan

Skip The Vintage Shopping

“Be sure to take advantage of the incredible vintage shopping. Palm Springs is a mecca for vintage clothing, furniture and decor with The Frippery, The Fine Art of Design, Spaces, etc. If vintage shopping is your cardio, get ready to sweat!” ― Lee