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How to make delicious and delicious cucumber kimchi

1. Ingredients for making cucumber kimchi

Cucumber: 1 kg
Carrot: 1 small one
Onion: Half of a onion
Green onions: 6 branches
Korean chili powder: 50g
Garlic: 1 bulb
Ginger: 1 piece
White sesame: 1 tablespoon
Sugar: 1.5 tablespoons
Fish sauce: 3 tablespoons
Salt: 1 tablespoon

{ingredients for making cucumber kimchi}
Ingredients for making cucumber kimchi (Photo:

2. How to make cucumber kimchi

Step 1: Preliminary processing of cucumbers

Wash the cucumber, drain and then cut off the 2 ends of the fruit, cut the melon into 4 but only cut to about 2/3 of the fruit (do not cut it off).

Next, boil 1.3 liters of water with 1 tablespoon of salt, then put the cucumbers in and soak them tightly until the salt water covers the cucumbers. After 20 minutes, take the cucumber to wash and dry.

Step 2: Prepare other ingredients

Carrots are washed, peeled and grated.
Peel the onion, wash it, and slice it thinly.
Scallions pick off damaged leaves, wash and cut into pieces about 1 finger.
Peel the garlic, wash, crush and mince it.
Peeled ginger, smashed and minced.
Put white sesame in a pan and roast on low heat for about 5 minutes until the sesame turns golden and fragrant, then turn off the heat.

Step 3: Make the sauce mix

Put minced garlic, ginger, Korean chili powder, sugar, fish sauce, roasted sesame, 2 tablespoons filtered water in a bowl and mix well. Then, add in the bowl of carrots, scallions and onions into the mixing bowl, mix well and gently squeeze the ingredients to absorb the spices.

Stuff the marinade mixture into the cucumber. Then, marinate for about 30 minutes and can be eaten immediately or put in a box at room temperature for 1-2 days to ferment to create a mild sour taste.

{how to make delicious crispy cucumber kimchi, korean standard}
Delicious crispy cucumber kimchi (Photo: Discover)

3. Some notes when making and preserving cucumber kimchi

To make delicious cucumber kimchi, you should choose a melon with a bright green color, quite even, without bruises or yellowing, a straight melon, with little or no crooked, of the same size. fruit is heavy-handed, has a smooth skin, no nodules; Avoid buying melons that are bulging, big in the middle, or have a big head and a small tail because these are old melons, with many seeds, hard, and unappetizing melons.

Crispy cucumber kimchi is delicious, sour, salty and mildly sweet, extremely attractive. This dish will be more delicious when served with rice, noodles, grilled seafood, grilled meat…

Cucumber kimchi can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for 1-2 days to ferment, then put in the refrigerator and can be used gradually for about 1 week.

When taking kimchi, you should use clean, dry chopsticks to avoid damaging the kimchi.

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