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How to escape when stuck in an elevator?

In any emergency situation, the first thing you need to do is stay calm to think of how to call for help and get out safely.

1. Keep calm

In an emergency situation, panic will only make the situation worse. When stuck in an elevator, take a deep breath and exhale gently to stabilize your heart rate. The inside of the elevator is relatively tight and poorly ventilated so if you fall into a state of panic, you could suffocate from lack of oxygen.

2. Seek outside help


Press the call for help – the bell-shaped button on the elevator’s control panel. However, if the elevator loses power, the call button will not work. In that case, you should:

– Make as much noise as possible so outsiders know your situation and call for help.

– Take off your shoes and bang on the metal parts on the elevator doors to draw attention from the outside.

– Scream for outside help.

3. Find the lighting tool


If there is a power outage in the elevator, try to find a lighting tool. Lighting can reduce feelings of stress and help you see the buttons on the elevator control panel clearly.

– Use your phone for lighting.

– Absolutely do not use lighters because it is easy to cause fire and explosion and also consumes a limited amount of oxygen in the elevator.

4. Call the building’s management service


If the call button does not work, try calling the building’s management service or calling 114 for rescue assistance. You can find the building management service phone number on the elevator wall or on the control panel.

5. Press the buttons on the control panel to open the door


In case the elevator is stuck on one of the floors and the door does not open:

– Do not press the button with the floor number you want to go to.

– Try pressing the button with the floor number you are stuck on.

– If the above doesn’t work, try pressing the “open door” button.

6. Be patient


If you know rescue is on the way, do something to pass the time while you wait:

– Chat with people around or call friends.

– Play games, surf facebook.

– Plan work or do homework.

7. Press the “stop” button


In the event of an emergency and you can’t wait for help to arrive, you may want to consider getting yourself out of the stuck elevator.

In that case, press the “stop” button on the control panel. If the button is stuck, pull it out and press it again. This will keep the elevator from moving while you’re exiting.

8. Plan your exit


First of all, make sure that the elevator is not between floors. You can determine this through outside support. Then do the following:

– Use force to open the elevator door.

– Check the position of the elevator after the door has been opened.

– Pull the door frame interlock to fully open the door.

– Step out or jump off the elevator to the floor below you. Keep your balance when you hit the ground.

– Help those who are still stuck in the elevator.

Dieu Linh (According to Bright Side)

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