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How parents train their children’s will through sports example

The effort to overcome the injury of the player Do Hung Dung, the perseverance of the swordsman Vu Thanh An are considered by many parents as “a mirror of the will” for their children.

Entering the summer, one of the worries of many parents when their children leave books is laziness, oversleeping, playing games… Looking for classes or health-training activities is a great way for many women. Parents choose to help their children use summer time effectively, as well as improve their own abilities. “My wife and I are looking for sports classes for our children to attend this summer to help them practice and avoid playing throughout the summer,” said Thanh Tung, a parent of two primary school students in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. said.

Outdoor sports fields are encouraged by many parents to participate in the summer experience. Photo: nestlé milo.

Outdoor sports fields are encouraged by many parents to participate in the summer experience. Image: Nestlé Milo

The father of two explains that, in addition to being good for health, sports always set goals for players to strive for. Children will have to overcome certain challenges when practicing. Sports can therefore help young children discover their limits, surpass themselves and forge perseverance.

During the last SEA Games, Mr. Tung also took the time to talk to his children about the successful examples of athletes in order to arouse their passion for sports practice. When the U23 Vietnam team beat Thailand 1-0 and won the SEA Games men’s football gold medal, he took his children to “storm”, the whole family excitedly discussed the players, especially captain Do Hung Dung. “The children were impressed to know that Hung Dung overcame many difficulties to get to where he is today, in which it only took 8 months to recover from his injury and defend the men’s football gold medal with his teammates. SEA Game”, Mr. Tung shared.

Do hung dung celebrates after scoring the winning goal in a group stage match, he overcame many difficulties to succeed at sea games 31. Photo: lam thoa

Do Hung Dung celebrates after scoring a goal in a group stage match, he overcame many difficulties to succeed at SEA Games 31. Photo: Lam Thou

Besides Do Hung Dung, swordsman Vu Thanh An is also an inspirational figure in the spirit of not giving up. At the age of 15, he just started pursuing sword fighting, the more he learned about sword fighting, the more passionate and enthusiastic he became to practice. At first, An only ran with girls, only able to climb 3 stairs while other boys climbed 5 steps, An practiced more by himself after each main training session. In the morning, when everyone was still asleep, An got up and ran. In the evenings, he also continued to practice. Thanks to his efforts, Vu Thanh An won 4 SEA Games gold medals, becoming the first Vietnamese fencing athlete to win a continental medal with the same Olympic slot.

“The stories of Dung and An who rise up in all circumstances to achieve high achievements give my children more motivation to change themselves,” Tung added.

Thanh an (right) in the victory over thai swordsman srinualdnad to win the gold medal at the 29th sea games, inspiring young people with a spirit of perseverance. Photo: pham duong.

Thanh An (right) in the victory over Thai swordsman Srinualdnad to win the gold medal at the 29th SEA Games, inspiring young people with a spirit of perseverance. Photo: Pham Duong.

With MC Diep Chi, helping her 11-year-old daughter from being afraid of water to swimming proficiently and gaining an international diving certificate is also her way of forging her will. “I told her that if she knew how to swim, she could survive in many situations. She could save herself without her parents around,” the female MC said. To make her happy when practicing, Diep Chi cheers her on every day, exercises with her, one step per day, starting from 1m, 2m to 10m.

“This will training will help children form initiative in life and follow them for a long life ahead,” the female MC shared.

Mc diep chi and her daughter sumo gradually built the will to overcome the fear of water to master swimming and diving skills. Photo: nvcc.

MC Diep Chi and her daughter Sumo gradually built the will to overcome the fear of water to master swimming and diving skills. Photo: NVCC.

According to many experts, sports are very important in the development of children, affecting not only their physical but also their mental health. Associate professor, Dr. Tran Thanh Nam (Vietnam National University, Hanoi) said that the most successful people in big fields have all met failures in life, but it is important that they have the will to overcome failure. In addition to IQ, to predict a person’s likelihood of success, today there are many other indicators such as PQ (passion index) and AQ (difficulty index).

“The group of people who always like easy things, their work is just normal. Those who have had certain successes in life, their index of overcoming difficulties – their will is very high,” said Mr. Nam. . Educators feel sorry that today, many parents are depriving their children of the right to overcome difficulties, not giving them many opportunities to exercise their will. Despite the fact, many parents have also realized that in an increasingly competitive society, in order to gain a foothold and be successful, the persistent will and the spirit of not giving up when pursuing your passion are indispensable.

Associate professor, Dr. Tran Thanh Nam said that the journey to conquer the heights in the sports career of Do Hung Dung and Vu Thanh An cannot be without the role of will. It’s not just the will to excel in professional skills, it’s also the will to get through tough times because of trauma or moments of wanting to give up and stop. With sports, they have a fertile ground to forge their will and are rewarded with prestigious medals. Hung Dung himself, Thanh An, in his role as a father, also considers willpower as one of the important virtues that need to be built and honed in the growth process of his children.

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