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Hai Phong pate recipe is easy to make at home

With its rich aroma and nutrients, liver pate has become a popular side dish and a “safety dish” of many foodies.

Pate is a delicacy imported from France. The main ingredients include liver and meat, fat and many spices. In Hai Phong, pate is modified and stylized by the chefs here to create a unique flavor.

Besides bread, you can combine pate in fried eggs, salad, chicken or pate cooked ribs… In addition, enjoying pate with fried noodles, sticky rice, hot rice is also an attractive suggestion.

Ms. Do Ngoc (originally Hai Phong) shared with Zing Heirloom pate recipe was instructed by the neighbor. The finished product is highly appreciated by many people who have experienced it for its family taste, especially conquering the taste of children. Pate is steamed with a bread machine to simplify the process. If you do not have a machine, you can steam for 5-6 hours. Female 8X said that the freshness of the liver, meat, and skin is the deciding factor for the deliciousness of the pate. Ms. Ngoc also revealed that the highlight in this recipe lies in the raw grinding of the ingredients, not in frying them first.


One kg of pork shoulder with dragon’s head (shoulder with fat makes it more delicious)
200g pork liver
180 ml fresh milk without sugar
50g Anchor butter
200g pork skin
200 g fat portion
5 dried onions
Half a small onion
One garlic
Ground pepper
One spoon of oyster sauce noodle, one spoon of fish sauce noodle soup
One teaspoon of soup powder
One teaspoon of seasoning
One teaspoon of MSG (monosodium glutamate)
A loaf of bread with intestines (to reduce fishy for the liver and increase the stickiness of the pate)

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Wash the liver, then slice it, pour fresh milk into it and soak it for 30 minutes to remove fishy and poison. After soaking, wash and bake in an oil-free fryer.
Tear the bread into small pieces, soak a little fresh milk to soften.
Clean the skin, boil until soft and then wash again. Finely chop the skins to prepare for grinding.
Diced 50-100 g of fat and then boiled briefly, the rest sliced ​​​​to be steamed for those who like to eat greasy.
Put the skin into the blender, continue to add the diced liver, meat, and fat to the blender one by one. (Note: Those who like to eat tangled meat should grind it once, if they like it smooth, grind it twice).

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Put the pan on the stove, add onions, garlic, and chopped onions and saute with butter.
Put the minced liver mixture in the bread bowl.
Pour the onion, garlic, and butter mixture into the bowl. Seasonings include fish sauce, oyster sauce, pepper, seasoning seeds, soup, a bit of main noodles.

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Put the bowl in the machine, turn on the jam mode of the bread machine (can use the Petrus 8855/8860) and leave it there, press the following mode twice to get the pate to eat.

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According to Zing

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