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Ground squirrel and mongoose ‘bullying’ cobra

AfricaWith the help of the mongoose, the ground squirrels are determined to chase the cobra to protect the young in the nest.

Ground squirrel and mongoose 'bullying' cobra

The scene of the ground squirrel and mongoose fighting with the South African cobra in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park caught the camera of visitors Lara De Matos, Latest Sightings reported on 2/8. Matos and her husband caught this scene while having lunch at the Nossob campsite.

“As we got closer, we saw a herd of ground squirrels trying to keep the cobra away from the underground burrows where they nurse their young. The squirrels took turns attacking the cobra from many directions. However, a mongoose appeared and took over the task. The ground squirrels rested and stood by watching the mongoose both defend and attack, “Matos recounted.

Moments later, the mongoose retreated and the squirrels continued to plague the cobra, Mantos said. Finally, when the mongoose returned to attack, the cobra decided to leave. The ground squirrels and mongoose followed to make sure it left without causing further trouble.

South African cobra (Naja nivea) is a medium-sized dangerous venomous snake. Their venom contains potent neurotoxins and can affect the respiratory system, nervous system, and heart. Their prey is diverse, including snakes, rodents, lizards, birds and carrion.

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