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Good tips to make mosquitoes ‘avoid’ in humid days

The humid weather, erratic rain and sunshine create favorable conditions for mosquitoes to develop. Use these tips to keep mosquitoes out of your home.

Use orange and tangerine peels

When eating oranges and tangerines, do not discard the peels because the essential oils in the peels of these fruits are quite effective at repelling mosquitoes. The aromatic oils in orange and tangerine peels are very attractive to humans, but they are something that mosquitoes must stay away from. To repel mosquitoes, just use a few pieces of dried orange and tangerine peels and burn them on the fire.

Good tips to keep mosquitoes away on sunny days - 1

Orange and tangerine peels have aromatic essential oils that effectively repel mosquitoes (Photo: Internet).

Although this method only works for a short time, about a session, but it also helps your home space have a more pleasant aroma.


In addition to helping to relax, increase energy, essential oils also have the effect of cleaning space, helping to freshen the air. Some essential oils are also very effective at repelling mosquitoes.

Good tips to keep mosquitoes away on sunny days - 2

Aromatherapy helps to keep the house airy and repels mosquitoes from the house (Photo: Internet).

You can buy some essential oils of plants that repel mosquitoes such as lavender essential oil, melaleuca essential oil, citronella essential oil… Then, apply it on your body or clothes so that mosquitoes don’t dare to come. near the.

Mosquito trap with soapy water

Mosquitoes often have the habit of finding wet places with lots of water to breed and lay eggs. To kill mosquitoes from “in the eggs”, prepare a large basin of water, add soap and place it in dark, damp places around the house.

When mosquitoes encounter this water basin and lay eggs in it, soapy water will kill the mosquito eggs, preventing larvae and baby mosquitoes from developing. Follow this way to kill mosquitoes at the root, mosquitoes will no longer have the opportunity to attack your home.

Repel mosquitoes with wind oil

Good tips to keep mosquitoes away on cloudy days - 3

Wind oil has a very good and safe mosquito repellant effect (Photo: Internet).

Wind oil is one of the familiar products that almost every family equips themselves with a bottle of wind oil to use in daily life. You can repel mosquitoes by the following ways:

Put a few drops of wind oil on the electric fan blade, then turn on the fan in a rotating mode throughout the room, the scent of wind essential oil will now be spread throughout the room and repel all mosquitoes. A simpler way is that you can open the bottle of wind oil and put it in the corner of the room, where mosquitoes often gather. Nose oil will spread and repel mosquitoes.

Repel mosquitoes with garlic juice

You put garlic in a pot of water, bring it to a boil, then put the garlic water solution in a spray bottle and spray it on areas where mosquitoes often gather. Wait a few hours, when the smell of garlic spreads, the mosquitoes will be suffocated and fly away. In addition to spraying garlic water around the house, you can also apply garlic juice to a few places on your body to repel mosquitoes.

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