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Good sports for children’s development – HorizonMag

Football, basketball, swimming, cycling, walking … are sports that help improve health, promote children’s thinking potential, reflexes.

Children have a lot of energy, they need to actively participate in daily activities for healthy growth and development. However, a sedentary lifestyle, “addiction” to electronic devices, and frequent eating of unhealthy foods make more and more teenagers obese. This can increase the risk of diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, affecting a child’s life later in life.

Sports and games help children develop all the skills they need to support them in life. Participating in physical activities also helps children prevent the negative effects of technology and social networks. Here are some outdoor sports that help children lead a healthy lifestyle and maximize their physical and intellectual potential.


Football is a popular sport in the world, which can be taught to children aged 4 and up. Football helps children promote teamwork, fairness and discipline; while promoting the development of muscle strength, flexibility, coordination, weight control and cardiovascular endurance. The skill of kicking the ball also helps to improve the dexterity of the feet, the ability to keep balance.

Football is a team sport that teaches children about the strength of unity and discipline. Photo: freepik

Football is a team sport that teaches children about the strength of unity and discipline. Image: Freepik


Swimming can improve lung capacity by teaching children to control their breathing while in the water, strengthening their muscles with swimming exercises. In addition, this sport can help children get rid of their fear of heights and water.


The first thing a child learns from cycling is safety in traffic, endurance. They also learn patience, discipline, and confidence. On the other hand, cycling helps improve leg strength, coordinate reflexes, enhance balance, control weight, and protect cardiovascular functions.

Roller skating

Roller skating develops patience, promotes coordination of reflexes. Children’s bodies develop quickly, increase muscle strength, improve cardiovascular fitness, maintain a balanced physique.


This is a sport with many benefits, which can attract shy children to participate in group activities. Children can learn to control their bodies through defense and attack. Making quick passes helps develop thinking, reflexes, dribbling skills encourage eye-to-foot coordination. Running around the field with the ball improves muscle strength and agility.

Basketball can help children grow taller. Photo: freepik

Basketball can help children grow taller. Image: Freepik


Running is a sport that trains children’s concentration, endurance, muscle strength and heart. Regular exercise can build immunity, improve lung health in children, thereby reducing the risk of common colds and flu.


Walking is one of the good physical activities that children are encouraged to do. If parents and children go for a walk, it will increase the family affection. Walking in open spaces helps to connect with the environment. This subject also helps strengthen the legs, control weight, balance the body.


The first and foremost benefit from gymnastics is balance and flexibility. The sport helps children improve the flexibility of the body because it requires the practitioner to be agile and flexible. Sociologically, gymnastics encourages a strong, fearless child.


This sport requires players to be agile, durable and have a sharp mind. Tennis encourages children to strategize their moves, learn proper techniques, and develop arm strength and accuracy. It also helps to improve muscle and cardiovascular strength.


Judo is a sport that creates conditions for children to develop comprehensively both physically, emotionally and mentally. Judo helps to train mental discipline, self-control, concentration for the purpose of self-defense or combat. By learning the techniques of throwing and punching over and over again, children can practice them with different skills, following the rules set out for this sport.

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