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Gazprom gives reasons for reducing gas to the EU

Gazprom said the decrease in gas flow through Nord Stream 1 was due to the failure of European partners to fulfill their commitments, warning that there are still many turbines that need maintenance.

Russia was forced to reduce gas flow through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline due to technical problems in the turbine, Gazprom deputy chief executive Vitaly Markelov told the channel on July 29. Rossiya 24. The problem was caused by Germany’s Siemens Group, which manufactures the turbines, failing to fulfill its commitments, according to Markelov.

Gazprom officials said that Siemens has only solved a quarter of the total technical errors affecting the air compressor turbines in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline system.

Nord Stream 1 is the largest gas pipeline from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea, transporting about 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. On July 27, the flow through the pipeline decreased to 33 million m3/day, equivalent to 20% of the maximum capacity, after Gazprom warned that it may have to shut down an additional Siemens turbine at the Portovaya compressor station to protect it. nursing.

A facility on the nord stream 1 pipeline system in lubmin, germany on march 8. Photo: reuters.

A facility on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline system in Lubmin, Germany on March 8. Image: Reuters.

Meanwhile, Gazprom is still waiting for another turbine to be shipped from Germany to Russia. This turbine was sent by Siemens Group to the Siemens Energy branch in Canada in June for maintenance. Canada then decided to keep the turbines under Western sanctions imposed on Moscow. In early July, Ottawa granted a “revocable and term” license for Siemens Energy to return the repaired compressor turbine to Germany.

“European partners accuse us of reducing supply without good reason. Absolutely not,” said Markelov, accusing Western partners of “failing to fulfill their obligations under the contract. on maintenance of compressed air turbines”.

Daily News Kommersant Russia noted that the compressor turbines shipped by Germany to Russia may not increase the supply in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, because some turbines at the Portovaya station need maintenance. The current agreement allows Siemens Energy to receive five more turbines for maintenance before the end of 2024.

Markelov said on July 27 that the Portovaya station had only one working air compressor, the remaining turbines needed maintenance or repair and could not be used because they did not conform to Russian standards. Siemens Energy announced that it has not received any damage reports from Gazprom and believes that the turbines are still operating normally.

“We urge our partners to solve their problems as soon as possible,” according to Markelov. Gas supplies from Russia to Europe “will soon return to normal”.

Reduced supply from Russia caused European gas prices to increase by more than 20%, to more than $2,500/1,000 m3 on July 27. European leaders blame Russia for the situation.

Last week, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Berlin cannot rely on Moscow for gas supplies. Russia considers such claims “totally contrary to the facts and history of the supply”.

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