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Five mistakes that make cleaning the kitchen more difficult

Preparing for a family reunion meal can be fun, but cleaning the kitchen afterwards can be daunting and exhausting.

This stage is fast or slow, easy or difficult depending on the skill of each person, but in general, it will be significantly more favorable if you do not make the 5 common mistakes below.

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1. There’s too much clutter in the kitchen

A luxury or minimalist kitchen depends on the conditions of each family, but a messy kitchen is due to the user’s arrangement and will make cleaning much more difficult.

This is evident in your kitchen counter – the hiding place of many appliances or items that are not used or related to daily cooking just for the convenience of the family members. . For example, dishes that need to be put away, hats and masks when coming home from work, fruit juicers that are only used occasionally, repair kits, comic books, etc.

At that time, if you want to clean the kitchen, the kitchen counter alone takes a lot of time and effort. Think about it, you will have to move dozens of items from the kitchen counter to the appropriate location before cleaning, and if you don’t want them to spread dirt everywhere, you also have to clean each of those items before moving. transfer….

So my advice is to take a close look at the kitchen counter and consider: Do I use that appliance every day? Is this umbrella necessary in the kitchen?… If not, don’t put it in the kitchen or move it away right away.

Let everything be in the right position for its intended use, strictly following this principle will surely make a significant difference to the kitchen.

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2. Let dirty dishes pile up in the sink

The longer you let dirty dishes sit, the harder they will be to clean. According to scientific analysis, the dry food leftovers, the hardening stains will become even more difficult to clean, not to mention that it creates conditions for bacteria to multiply and grow. Therefore, it is better to wash dishes by hand or by machine immediately after use.

If you don’t feel like doing it right after eating, remember this: Leftovers, dirty dishes should not be left in the sink. Remove leftovers from dishes before placing them in the dishwasher or stacking them in the sink.

If you have pots and pans that need soaking, fill them with hot water and soap and remove them from the sink. That way, when it’s time to wash, you’ll make the job easier.

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3. Your cleaning supplies are a mess

What do your cleaning supplies look like? You have half a dozen bottles of dish soap that are almost empty, some of the sponges are torn…

The advice is that you don’t need that many items. Most jobs can be done with just dish soap and a microfiber cloth. Having too many cleaning tools not only takes up kitchen space, but also makes you confused when choosing items or using the wrong utensils, increasing the risk of spreading bacteria.

Therefore, first, gather all the kitchen cleaning tools and re-evaluate which ones to keep and store in a clean, dry place. For things like old sponges, scouring brushes, etc., throw them away.

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4. Do not remove grease after cooking

Basically, every way to clean the kitchen needs to start right after the stain appears, not for a long time, the more difficult it is to clean. Not to mention, over time, the kitchen will become patchy, old, and unsightly.

Specifically, the best way to keep the kitchen clean is to quickly wipe up spills and splashes such as: ketchup, fried oil, pasta… If you clean it early, the stains will easily disappear. return the clean space to the house.

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5. The shelves, kitchen cabinets are too tight or not arranged properly

Everything must be in its place! – It’s a traditional saying in arranging furniture.

If your kitchen cabinets are a messy, disorganized mess, no matter how many cabinets you have, you will not be able to store all your belongings, that is, you will not be able to make full use of the storage space of the kitchen cabinets. For example, you take out a bottle of olive oil to use, but when you’re done, you can’t find a place to put it back.

Obviously, if you leave your furniture too cluttered, of course cleaning will be more difficult than necessary. So, specify the location to suit each item and make sure they are always arranged scientifically, in the right place.

If you really lack cabinets to store things, consider adding some space-saving appliances or use the walls and floors to increase storage space, keeping the kitchen tidy.

At that time, cleaning the kitchen will of course become much simpler and easier.

Photo: Cambria Bold

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