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Czech Republic stops recognizing new Vietnamese passports

The Czech Embassy announced that the country will stop recognizing new Vietnamese passports because it does not meet some technical standards.

“Vietnam’s new model passport issued on July 1 does not meet the technical standards of ICAO parameters. Therefore, the Czech Republic agrees with other member countries of the European Union (EU). ) and stop recognizing new passports,” the Czech Embassy in Vietnam said in a statement on the morning of August 2.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Vietnam said that the above decision took effect from the time of notification, but did not specify the technical standards as prescribed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) that the passport What is the new model of Vietnam that has not yet met.

By the afternoon of the same day, the agency said that “cannot accept the visa application, the residence permit of the applicant presenting the above passport”. The Czech Republic is actively working with other EU member states and Vietnam to resolve this issue.

According to ICAO Guideline No. 9303 on passport standards, the required information on passports is passport type, name, passport number, nationality, date of birth, gender and passport expiration date. . Other information such as place of birth is country-specific, not required.

However, ICAO recommends that countries carefully consider all relevant issues when including or omitted birth information in passports.

Earlier, the German Embassy and the Spanish Embassy in Vietnam announced that these countries will stop issuing visas to the new Vietnamese passport model because it does not show the passport holder’s place of birth.

The vietnamese passport according to the new form is blue-purple. Photo: tien ngoc.

The Vietnamese passport according to the new form is blue-purple. Image: Tien Ngoc.

The Spanish Embassy says the place of birth is required for processing visa applications to the Schengen countries. The agency also announced that it cannot accept Schengen visa applications for new Vietnamese passports until the competent central authority in the Schengen area makes a decision whether to accept this passport form or not.

Meanwhile, the German Embassy explained that the new model Vietnamese passport does not show the place of birth, making it difficult to check and verify the identity of the bearer. The agency said that information on the place of birth of new model passport holders can only be determined through a 12-digit personal identification number and matched against a seven-page list.

On July 29, the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany announced that it would “issue free confirmation in German of the place of birth to present with the passport”, in order to facilitate Vietnamese citizens to obtain a residence permit. and other administrative procedures with local authorities.

The Vietnamese embassies in Germany and Spain are actively discussing with local authorities to solve problems related to the new passport model of Vietnam.

Meanwhile, France, a member of the Schengen area, said that it will continue to recognize Vietnam’s new passports and issue normal visas, until new information is available.

The French Embassy in Vietnam recommends that visa applicants holding new Vietnamese passports have to adjust their stay to exclude the duration of stay or transit in Germany. They were also asked to stay informed, as “the situation can change rapidly”.

The 26-nation Schengen Area has abolished border controls, allowing free movement between member states. Schengen visa holders are allowed to stay in the countries of the bloc for up to 90 days in each semi-annual cycle.

The new model passport, issued by the Ministry of Public Security on July 1, retains the same size as the old passport, but the color on the cover changes to purple-blue and does not show information about the place of birth. A representative of the Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security on July 28 affirmed that Vietnam’s new passport model has complied with international regulations and practices, arising issues will be prioritized for handling through diplomatic channels. .

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