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Crocodiles release Burmese pythons

AmericaA short-snouted alligator pushes a python carcass across the surface of a canal in the Everglades region of Texcas.

Crocodiles release burmese pythons

Big Boy crocodile pushes the python carcass to the water’s edge. Video: Carl Nicholson

Carl Nicholson, a resident of the city of Everglades, recorded a scene where an alligator nicknamed Big Boy released the python body on July 24 and shared it on Facebook, according to Facebook. Newsweek. The crocodile pushed the python carcass down the canal to the water’s edge. Nicholson is not sure if the crocodile killed the python or found the dead python somewhere.

Alligators live in coastal marshes throughout the southeastern United States, ranging from Florida to North Carolina and eastern Texas, according to the National Wildlife Federation. Males can be over 3.7 m long and weigh 454 kg, while females are usually slightly smaller. One of the reasons Burmese pythons thrive in Florida is the lack of natural enemies. However, short-snouted crocodiles often hunt pythons. Interactions between these two large carnivores do not always have the same results because sometimes Burmese pythons also eat crocodiles.

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