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  • Wii Motion Plus Game List

    The Nintendo team thanks to their new Wii MotionPlus accessory, just came up with new innovation games, and here is the Wii Motion Plus game list with all the games that are compatible with this new motion based accessory, one of the biggest success the year 2009 for Nintendo Wii. In latest E3 conference players […]

  • In the Stock Investment Business an Online Stock Trading Newsletter is a Great Investment

    In the stock investments trade stock news is what investors are looking for because this is what keeps you informed about what is happening in the stock market. And where do you get all the news about the ups and the down on the stocks and shares? From the stock trading newsletters of course! With […]

  • The Meaning of "This Town"

    Perhaps a more apt title for author Mark Leibovich’s new book, “This Town,” would be “Mad Money,” as he makes it clear our nation’s capitol is about money and power and little else. While the rest of the country suffered through the recession, Washington’s unemployment rate was one of the lowest in the country and […]

  • The Colour of The Old West

    One Saturday afternoon, while viewing old Black and White Westerns on television, I wondered about the real cowboys of the 17 and 1800’s – their true physical makeup…their true character(s) and lifestyles. I wondered why the Black Cowboys were not depicted…or talked about…on TV. I wondered why we as youngsters cheered for the character actors […]

  • Revlon and Its Founder, Charles Revson

    The story of Charles Revson, founder of cosmetics giant Revlon, is truly one of ‘rags to riches’. By the time of his death, Revson – an entrepreneurial icon – had grown his tiny cosmetic store into a global cosmetics giant. The son of a cigar maker, Charles Revson entered our world in 1906, in Montreal, […]

  • The Consequences of Our Inactions

    The world today is too small for nations to resort to petty squabbles that have always had reverberating consequences for their nations populations. In fact they have had drastic after effects for the whole world. The United States is not alone in exasperating global conditions. But, we have had a hand in creating major disruptions […]

  • FC Barcelona Players – Alexander Hleb

    Alexander Hleb is, of course, well-known amongst UK football followers because of his time at Arsenal, during which time Sky pundit Andy Gray described him as one of the Premier league’s ‘most skillful players’. Born in Minsk in Belarus in 1981, Hleb, whose brother is also an international footballer, initially made his name in the […]

  • Too Many Sex and Violence Cases on Television News

    We seem to be having way too many sex and violence court cases on Television and the media has tried to mile this for way too long. Even blowing out of proportion many cases around the nation and as it stands now there are simply; Too Many Sex and Violence Cases on Television News. From […]

  • Recession Is Here… Six Costly Mistakes Home Sellers Make During Recessions And How To Avoid Them

    The U.S. is officially in a recession. What is a recession? A recession is a business cycle contraction or general economic decline due to significant drop in spending and other commercial activities. Most pundits and politicians will blame Covid-19 crisis for the recession, but even pre-Covid-19 the proverbial writing was on the wall. The U.S. […]

  • Review: New Film by Josh Fox – The Sky Is Pink

    I’ve just seen Josh Fox’s June 2012 short film (URL at the end) about the oil and gas fracking industries’ fierce lobbying to open up the New York City watershed to high-pressure gas extraction. Using both personal and scientific arguments, delivered in a powerful, quietly emotive voice, Josh shows us how these industries spend millions […]