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  • Trump Schutzpah and Russian Gelt

    Donald Trump is a master of feeding his ambition by makes the most of his country’s freedom. He excels at skirting the law and getting others to should blame for crime When local funding dried up after repeat failures, Trump found dark money readily available after the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union. The moneyed […]

  • Arsenal Transfer News – Does Arsenal Have As Much Money As They Claim?

    I have decided to write this little in the pretext to highlight the significance of the financial problems faced by Arsenal and had subsequently affect the team’s performance. Point: Arsenal’s board lead by Peter Hill-Wood and Co has not kept their promise to hand Wenger and the fans the supposed budget to buy players. 30/08/2008: […]

  • Why is Fox News Ratings Slipping?

    Have you considered why lately that FOX News has had their ratings slipping? Well if you will consider that their news segments re-run too much and therefore you only need to watch it for 15-minutes and you got all the news with a conservative slant for the day. Also consider that the segments of news […]

  • Step #1 of Layman’s Plan to Retirement Planning – Retirement Vision

    This article covers the first, and arguably the most fun, step in my 10 Step Layman’s Plan to Retirement Planning. Here we begin to describe our dream retirement. Let’s look at six aspects of retirement life to help us paint this picture. Location – Where do you want to live? The first possibility is that […]

  • Putting Some News In Our News Feeds

    Picking up some news as an afterthought remains a familiar practice even in the digital age, whether it’s grabbing a New York Times with your Starbucks or a USA Today while waiting to board an airplane. For a company with deep pockets, CNN may become the next great news impulse buy. Rupert Murdoch has made […]

  • Online Free Radio – All You Need for an Excellent Time

    Are you fond of playing games or listening to your favorite music? Or do you want to be updated with the latest news? Now you can have it all – music, games and news – with Internet radio stations. No matter where you are, you can tune in to different channels across the globe, free […]

  • Transfer Gossip Ahead of the Premier League Season

    Ahead of every new season, we are all asking “who will our team sign”? See what you think of my predictions: Fernando Torres Liverpool > Chelsea With Liverpool now failing in all areas Fernando Torres will want to start winning trophy’s and he knows that Liverpool FC is not the place, there were rumours of […]

  • Who Was The Favorite Receiver Of Dallas Cowboys Legend Roger Staubach?

    Roger Staubach is one of the most popular players ever to wear the Dallas Cowboys uniform.  He came to the team just as they began to grow into becoming America’s Team, and was a large part of the reason why they were so successful in the 1970’s.  He spent his whole career with the Cowboys […]

  • Yahoo Boys or Ritualists?

    The current trend of discovering abandoned corpses on our streets and drainages everyday is indeed very worrisome. If it is not a bagged body, it will be dismembered parts, raped corpses with missing underwear or bodies with all the private parts, eyes, tongues, wrists, hearts or bowels carefully removed. Then, I hope you also read […]

  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich – Book Review

    By: Ramit Sethi (2010) ISBN 978-0-7611-4748-0 Book Price: $15.95 Taught about being rich In this book, you can find out how to start with any amount of money and become wealthy. Be Rich Ramit Sethi is the founder and writer of, which hosts over 250,000 readers every month. He is a recent graduate of […]