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  • Indecision – The Rock and the Hard Place

    Recently on Yahoo News it was reported that 1 in 7 voters were still undecided in their voting preference just days before the election. This is a big decision and an important event. These decisions are where the True Self insists on being expressed, while the habitual human-mind pattern is still in play. It could […]

  • Miami Dolphins in the Bubble

    The Miami Dolphins are lucky enough to have their very own training facility. This is just right for a team who was able to get a perfect season in 1972. The training facility for the Dolphins is located in the main campus of the Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida. It is also the headquarter […]

  • New Year, New You – Part I

    January 1st is almost here and will be gone. The day will go just as fast as any other day. On December 31st at 11:59 one important fact is constant: TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN. If you are like millions of Americans across the country you will make a New Years Resolutions that you vow […]

  • Do They Get It? (Ii)

    There was a time in my Country, Nigeria, when the craze for the US Visa Lottery spread by contagion. It was at such a frenzy equivalent to a festival. I was forced to look deeper into what it was all about. Men and women with university degrees, including those who were adept in the practice […]

  • Solo Travel – 10 Ways to Save on Single Supplements

    In your school days, you may have found, as I did, that economics really is the “dismal science”. However, I did learn one key fact. Supply and demand drive prices. For solo travel, the surcharge or “single supplement” does vary partly in keeping with this tried and true rule. The good news? If you prowl […]

  • Rise Of Lionel Messi

    An outstanding Lionel Messi saved the El-Classico for the catalans and most importantly made sure that the difference between Sevilla and the defending champions will be only 3 points. Don’t be surprised if yesterday’s El-Classico will be remembered as Lionel Messi’s ElClassico. At last Messi started giving justification to El Diego’s comments of making his […]

  • Russia’s Accession to the WTO – What Does It Mean?

    Better Late Than Never On the 11th November 2011 the Russian and WTO working parties agreed terms to pave the way for Russia’s acceptance to the World Trade Organisation. Russian lawmakers approved membership on the 22nd August 2012. The path to membership has, to put it lightly, been arduous. Original negotiations started in 1993 and […]

  • The Challenges Faced by International Business

    This article examines how the environment affects and creates conditions for either the success or failure of business organizations and how it operates to demand effective strategic thinking on the part of decision-makers if businesses are to survive and thrive. Take the classic example of Mark & Spencer PLC, which began in 1894 as a […]

  • Unsecured Small Business Loans – Good News – Stimulus Bill Allows SBA 90 Percent Guarantee For Loans

    Anyone remotely involved with small businesses, whether as a consultant, lender, supplier, leasing specialist, trade association, or simply as a consumer who is tired of driving by sections of town and wondering why your favorite business unceremoniously threw in the towel, would very much like to hear some good news. Not to mention the small […]

  • [Program Review]: New Car Prices Got You Reeling? Good News – Here Comes Relief

    [Program Review]: New Car Prices Got You Reeling? Good News – Here Comes Relief

    Granted, it can be understandably unbelievable to hear of a new car going for only $149, so most people will naturally see a headline offering “Brand New Cars For Just $149” as a misprint or gimmick; But a revolutionary strategy is actually, at this moment, making it possible for people to drive away in brand […]