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Canaries ‘gilded’ the streets, West Lake is picturesque in summer

In the early days of summer, anyone passing through the road along the West Lake can see from afar the striking yellow color in the sky. And let those bright golden lights make your heart suddenly feel happier and love life more.

In mid-June, the familiar iridescent yellow of canary flowers began to appear on the streets along the West Lake of the Capital. This year due to the prolonged cold climate, Canaries blooms later than usual. The flowers are not too thick and wrong, but there are many people who invite each other to leisurely watch the lake, enjoy the flowers and take pictures of summer check-in.

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Canary canary is a plant originating from South Asia, with many other names such as queen cassava, lantern flower, water scorpion, yellow scorpion, Osaka, apricot tree, late spring tree, late blooming apricot tree ..

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Canary flowers are lemon yellow, each flower has 5 thin petals. Flowers grow in large drooping clusters from 20-40cm long.

The canary flower produces its main flowers in the summer and lasts about 3 months. Flowers bloomed at the same time, dyeing the whole sky yellow. Amidst the pale blue color of the lake and the sky, the yellow color of Muong Canary becomes prominent, brightening up the whole space. The corners of the lake and the same roads thus become more romantic, brilliant and joyful.

The canary trees along the West Lake are small, thin but golden, laden with beautiful long flower clusters like hanging lanterns, swaying in the wind, holding the footsteps of passersby. Even those who do not intend to, must also stop to look and take pictures.

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Nguyen Quoc Viet (Dong Da), and his wife took a walk around West Lake. Passing the low-branched canary tree, he hurriedly stopped to take his wife’s brilliant check-in photos.

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Ms. Le Thi Hong (Hoang Mai) brought her friends from Vinh Phuc down to West Lake to go out for coffee and take pictures. For many years, every time when the flowers of the canary tree bloom, Ms. Hong has a certain habit of having to “go around” to look around. Because this is the flower that made her feel the most impressed when she first set foot in Hanoi. I remember having to ask a lot of people to know the exact name of this flower.

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Along with purple mausoleum, red phoenix flower, I don’t know since when Canaries has been a feature of the beauty of Hanoi every summer. The graceful, graceful beauty with its very own features has created a special impression for this flower.

On social networks, there have also been a lot of check-in photos at West Lake with Canaries

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Photo: Tu Pham

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Photo: Mai Khanh Ly
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Photo: Le Duyen

Thuy Chi

Video: Thuy Chi – Xuan Minh

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