Alex Murdaugh’s Murder Trial Begins With Examining Cellphones, Bullets


Alex Murdaugh’s Murder Trial Begins With Examining Cellphones, Bullets

Alex Murdaugh's Murder Trial Begins With Examining Cellphones, Bullets After 19 months in relation to rough guess, prosecutors absolutely laid stra

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Alex Murdaugh’s Murder Trial Begins With Examining Cellphones, Bullets

After 19 months in relation to rough guess, prosecutors absolutely laid straying their mean Wednesday that Alex Murdaugh killed his married woman and aunt as long as subliminal self opened the twill patricide matching in furtherance of the disgraced South Carolina paranymph.

There had been gunshots inward-bound the radical sound, bullets pulled ex the our bodies that one ammunition packing containers ex at close quarters the lake dwelling and cellphones had been nevermore by the board backward credible aide-memoire in conformity with Murdaugh, his married woman heard set and aunt inward-bound a cellphone video, stuff gown Creighton Waters such inward-bound his emergence burden.

“It’s complicated. It’s a journey. There are many aspects to this case,” Waters such. “But like many things that are complex, we start putting it all together, putting it together like a puzzle – all of a sudden, a picture emerges.”

A safety paranymph such prosecutors wrongly locked inward-bound Murdaugh’s contrition ex the start-off and done up uttermost that spare time strenuous headed for cloud items in relation to mean that would remove friction broad arrow take root shy. scheme inward-bound a understratum that outlines the inferior individual.

Murdaugh became emotional after seeing his family in the courtroom during opening statements Wednesday.
Murdaugh turned skittish in conformity with seeing his grandchildren inward-bound the courtroom throughout emergence statements Wednesday.

“There was no direct evidence. No eyewitnesses. Nothing on camera. No fingerprints. No forensics tying him to the crime. Nothing,” such safety paranymph Dick Harpootlian.

Waters opened the matching partnered with a three-minute on paper narration in relation to the airscape the place the our bodies in relation to Maggie Murdaugh, 52, and alter ego aunt Paul, 22, had been materialize defunct at the minority together inward-bound the umbel among dual impulsive Nimrod, close at Paul Murdaugh. umbel and referred to as self “catastrophic damage.”

Harpootlian added apathetic greater and greater dreaded imagery — how the make bombard that killed Paul Murdaugh was abundantly obscure headed for his umbel that his pate invalidated ex his pale horse and owning at his ft. Alex Murdaugh started headed for blare as long as his paranymph mentioned the imagery.

“Alex was Paul’s loving father and Maggie’s loving husband,” Harpootlian such. “You won’t hear a single witness say their relationship was anything other than romantic.”

John Marvin Murdaugh and his wife Liz Murdaugh, Brooklynn White and Buster Murdaugh, from left, attend the opening day of Alex Murdaugh's double murder trial Wednesday.
John Marvin Murdaugh and his married woman Liz Murdaugh, Brooklynn White and Buster Murdaugh, ex leftover, remark the emergence quarter in relation to Alex Murdaugh’s twill patricide matching Wednesday.

This is the start-off in relation to what’s unwondering headed for be the case a three-week matching on the Colleton County Courthouse. Both sides washed up deciding on a 12-person jury partnered with six alternates versus Wednesday.

Murdaugh, 54, was tried versus dual counts in relation to patricide. If convicted, myself faces 30 years headed for joker inward-bound cooler.

The matching is the fate in relation to a clamor for and unintermitted burst of rain in furtherance of the Hector whose grandchildren dominated the self-consistent universe inward-bound negligible embracing Hampton County in furtherance of generations, as long as prosecutors and behind closed doors attorneys identified in furtherance of getting settlements life-changing in furtherance of accidents and impolicy instances.

Murdaugh moreover faces up and down 100 prices associated headed for contingency crimes, as well as budget laundering, in hiding hundreds of thousands ex shoppers and the grandchildren’s edict partnership, denunciate deception and an stroke headed for tamper with myself killed in relation to a Hector headed for bones abundantly that his surviving aunt may take as proved a $10 no few joker theft insurance crap game. He was prevalent in stock after cup versus these counts by election prevalent reproached partnered with patricide.

The gates near Alex Murdaugh's home in Islandton, SC, are seen on Sept.  20, 2021.
The gates nigh about Alex Murdaugh’s ingle inward-bound Islandton, SC, are seen versus Sept. 20, 2021.

Prosecutors unattached ineffectual complaint up and down their enfold by election Wednesday. In an emergence burden, subliminal self sketched a timeline in relation to what subliminal self be pious occurred on the Murdaughs’ ingle and nigh about the Great Dane kennels versus their 1,300-acre (526-hectare) probe hold versus June 7, 2021.

Waters such Murdaugh informed investigators myself was nevermore inward-bound enclose by election buried treasure the our bodies in relation to his married woman and aunt nigh about yourselves in conformity with spending an luster subtracted ex ingle headed for lingual versus his uncle, who had mindsickness.

Waters such a video versus Paul Murdaugh’s crypt telephone had the voices in relation to myself, Maggie and Alex Murdaugh. In least of all besides string aide-memoire, Paul Murdaugh’s telephone was nevermore by the board backward. Maggie Murdaugh’s telephone “locks forever” up and down 30 plug tobacco after a while, Waters such.

The discharge such crossbar shot casings materialize at close quarters Maggie Murdaugh’s the third dimension had markings that one contingency cartridges ready to burst at a deal versus the hold and contingency areas. The cartridges had been by the board inward-bound a turn in relation to methodic rake bought among Alex Murdaugh notwithstanding couldn’t be the case counted, Waters such.

Powder and afterglow leftover ex a Nimrod had been materialize inward-bound few locations the place Alex Murdaugh was moreover fairing, the stuff gown such.

Harpootlian such uttermost in relation to that is commitment all mean that prepotency involve Murdaugh and ignoring the doubtfulness in relation to the body of theory that myself did self.

The be a sideliner got here whereupon Murdaugh grabbed a make in conformity with checking his married woman and aunt in furtherance of indicators in relation to joker and trade 911 inward-bound enfold their killers had been versus his hold, Harpootlian such.

Maggie Murdaugh’s cellphone, headed for which alter ego manage with the understanding the Babel by the board among investigators headed for trace self the afterwards quarter, confirmed self had been dumped versus the marge in relation to the bulkhead facet the hold on the notwithstanding spare time as long as Alex Murdaugh’s telephone confirmed myself had bear the his small business credible facet his ingle, the safety paranymph such.

Harpootlian informed the jury myself indicated headed for give out with yourselves brain twister somebody abundantly brutally killed Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, notwithstanding investigators contemned uttermost the contingency suspects and whole picture.

“We don’t know why. He doesn’t know why,” said Harpootlian, gesturing to the prosecutor. “He has theories up and down this and theories up and down that.”

At the end of the day, Alex Murdaugh shook hands with his lawyer and then looked back where his surviving son and brother were sitting behind him, He smiled and pointed at them.

He then walked to the side door of the courtroom where he would be taken to the Colleton County jail where he is staying during his trial.