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8 simple tips to avoid trouble in daily life

1. Use earplugs to control motion sickness


Motion sickness is actually a “mistake” response of the brain. For example, while driving, our eyes and ears send messages to the brain that we are moving, but our muscles are relaxed. So our brain gets confused and produces motion sickness response.

There are various tips and tricks you may have heard to avoid motion sickness, such as chewing gum or trying to yawn. However, there is a less common useful way, which is to insert earplugs in one of your ears to trick your brain.

Some people say that this is more effective if you put the earplugs in the ear opposite your dominant hand. So if you are right-handed, put the plug in your left ear and vice versa.

2. When traveling with other people, put some of your clothes in their luggage


Nearly 25 million bags are lost or mistakenly shipped each year. This may not seem like a big deal if the luggage is returned later, but traveling on your vacation without it is a disastrous experience.

To avoid any trouble, put some of your clothes in your companion’s bag and put some of their other clothes in yours. If either bag is lost, you will still have something to wear.

3. If you want to see the stars, don’t look at the full moon


If you look up at the sky at night, you’ll see that our Moon shines so brightly that sometimes it’s hard to see the sky around it. This happens because the Moon is reflecting light from the Sun.

When stargazing during the new moon phase, the Moon itself is barely visible. So you can look up, looking for the Big Dipper or the Big Dipper.

4. Use Scotch Tape to Prevent Blisters


If you love wearing heels, you know how annoying it can be when your gorgeous new shoes cause blisters.

Research shows that you can avoid this discomfort if you apply some Scotch tape to the shoe, around the part that comes into contact with the heel. It will reduce friction and prevent blisters.

5. If you want to get rid of the garlic smell on your hands, scrub the kitchen faucet


If you love to cook, you know how difficult it is to get rid of garlic, onions, or fish on your hands. To eliminate unpleasant odors, you can use your hands to rub on stainless steel. The sulfur in garlic binds to the metal in stainless steel; The reaction between sulfur and metal will quickly eliminate unpleasant odors.

6. Use a porcelain cup to sharpen the knife


You may have felt annoyed when you realized your knife was dull just before preparing a meal.

In this case, your favorite cup of coffee can help. Almost every porcelain mug has a rough rim around the bottom. Just turn the cup upside down, hold the blade at a 45 degree angle and move it over the rim, repeat the process 5-10 times from both sides, you’ve got a sharp knife.

7. Soak the popcorn in water to prevent the seeds from blooming


If you like to make your own popcorn, you’ll sometimes find that some of the seeds still won’t pop and so they’re pretty hard if chewed right.

You can fix this if you soak them in water before cooking. It’s best to soak overnight, but if it’s urgent, you can soak for 10-15 minutes. The additional moisture will help the seeds expand.

8. Put a hot spoon on the mosquito bite to relieve itching


When a mosquito bites, it transmits saliva under your skin and that is what causes itching.

Heat can dissolve proteins in saliva. So, put a spoon under hot running water for a minute, then put it on the bite – it will help you get rid of the itch.

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