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7 things in the living room that cause stress

Furniture that is too bright, inadequate lighting, and cluttered furniture can also negatively affect the mood of homeowners and visitors.

1. The interior is too bright


Light-colored furniture may look nice and luxurious, but it creates the feeling of being in a showroom, making visitors feel unnatural because they have to keep things clean.

“If a host often creates a sense of cleanliness and tries to maintain cleanliness, that can be stressful for guests. They want to be comfortable, but are afraid of creating stains or leaving stains on the interior,” says psychotherapist Cullins.

2. Not enough light


Rooms that do not have enough light can cause inconvenience in living and create a feeling of sadness and depression. While rooms with too much light can affect sleep and relaxation. It is important to consider the function of each room in the house and adjust the light level to suit the intended use.

Psychotherapist Cecille Ahrens shares that using neutral tones and sunlight will help relax and increase focus. According to studies on the correlation between psychology and color, white and green light is said to help treat depression.

3. Mixed sound


Noise is one of the most common stressors and comes in many forms, including the sound of TV and conversations in the home. One piece of advice from psychotherapist Mark Loewen is that, if TV makes you feel stressed, turn to soothing music to relax.

4. TV screen


Ahrens says that watching too much TV can be stressful, especially if it happens a lot in one space.

5. Messy living room


“A cluttered and disorganized space can cause mental disturbances, making us feel uncomfortable and stressed,” says Cullins.

Tangled or tangled TV or speaker cables can also cause visual discomfort for some people. That clutter gives our brains more visual information to process, which in turn makes it impossible for the brain to relax.

6. Old stuff

Old, outdated furniture can make you feel bad. “If the sofa in your living room is old, dirty or outdated, you probably won’t feel comfortable in that space,” says Ahrens.

7. Working in the living room


Work and rest should not coexist in the same space. However, in the past 2020, many people find it difficult to separate work from personal life. That made the job not as effective as expected.

“By separating your workspace from your relaxation space, you create not only physical separation, but mental separation,” says psychotherapist Ariel Sank.

While this can be difficult when living in a small space, simply changing the position and orientation of your desk can make a big difference.

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