How to Learn and Master the Guitar

If you’re looking for how to learn and master the guitar I think I can help you. Mastering guitar play obviously takes hours of practice but how and what you practice are by far more important than how long you practice. You need to learn to be both efficient in your practice time and you also need to know how to keep your practice time fun so you stick with it.

So why do you want to know how to learn and master the guitar in the first place? Is it because you’ve started a band and want to start playing out? Is it because you’re already playing out and have found yourself in a rut? Heaven forbid… did the unthinkable happen and your band broke up or worse? Hey, get used to it, it happens. The good news is that whatever your reason for wanting to know how to learn and master the guitar you’re going to find plenty of help on the web.

What’s even better is that lessons circa 2009 are a millennia ahead of the lessons I had when I started playing twenty plus years ago. If I’d had the lessons then that I have access to today you’d be playing MY tunes on guitar hero lol. Enough about me though, if you’re going to learn how to learn and master the guitar I think you’ll need keep two jars full to get both the knowledge you need and enjoy practicing enough that you’ll stick with it.

The first jar you need to keep filled is your spirit. You need to have fun playing and stay motivated by enjoying learning how to learn and master the guitar. If you’re not having fun your guitar is going to sit on the stand (or worse) back in the case longing for your fingers to stroke it. Not a good thing if your learning how to learn and master the guitar.

The second jar your need to keep filled is your technique. Sloppy play is sloppy play. Guessing and ad-libbing through solos and fills really isn’t mastery, is it? Whether you’ve been playing for years or months it is never too late to how to learn and master the guitar techniques and theories which have been played for centuries.

To that end I’ve scoured the web and brought together what I think are the two best learning tools you’ll find when it comes to how to learn and master the guitar. You can find both learning tools at the website in my signature line.

The first tool is about technique. It’s a series of comprehensive lessons available on DVD which teach not only proper technique, but the in depth theory of how to build and master your own playing style and sound. There is also an entire lesson about music theory, how the scales and chords are built and sound together. This is where you learn the mastery of the craft. Don’t let the name of the company (Metal Method) put you off if you’re into learning acoustic guitar or want to play country styles.

Metal Method teaches comprehensive technique and theory necessary to master ANY style. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, you won’t become a master until you’ve mastered the contents of the fundamentals contained on the complete basic course. Advanced specialized courses are also available but this article focuses on the broad techniques course set (about $70 if memory serves for the 6 DVD set).

The other set of tools I think you should have is a set of your favorite songs in tablature form. Learning your favorite songs breaks up the monotony of practicing and keeps providing you with fresh material to try your new techniques on. To that end there is another really terrific company (Musicnotes) which has built an amazing software program called Guitar Guru.

When you use the Guru software, you download a session of your favorite song. The Guru software then displays the tablature right on your screen and plays the notes along with you through the sound on your computer. It’s simply amazing. The Guru software is free and the sessions cost between $7 and $10. Well worth it. Imagine downloading your favorite tunes and having an instructor right in front of you exactly at the moment you’re motivated to learn the song. It’s truly amazing.

Personally I’m having a blast playing Red Hot Chili Peppers tunes and Van Halen licks with the help of the on-screen guitar tab and music tones. I hope this has helped you think about how to learn and master the guitar. Maybe someday I’ll be playing your solo on guitar hero! Visit the site in the signature tab below to find the lessons reviewed above.

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