Patriots Reach 13 Victories And Seattle Wins Divisional Title

So far in the season the New England Patriots have kept a 13-0 impeccable record finishing the season unbeaten also they have recovered the offensive power, which seemed to decrease in the prior two games.

”We think that we would have advantages there”, indicated Belichick when they asked him the reason why in the second quarter the Patriots played the last three minutes of the game without a rushing player, as to why had so few in the first time, although they kept the ball in four occasions before the rest.

On the other hand, the Steelers did show weaknesses due to not having some key players who are currently injured; the Patriots took advantage and won last Sunday 34-13 over the Steelers.

The clearest example of the Patriots’ strategy came on fourth quarter after they stopped the Steelers with a touchdown in the yard one of New England.

It was very obvious that Belichick found more advantages by land than by air; when conquering the contrary team by careers; winning 399 yards by land and 22 by air.

On the other hand, Matt Hasselbeck completed four passes and the Seahawks assured their fourth repeated title in the East Division of the National Conference by winning 42-21; defeating the Arizona Cardinals. Hasselbeck completed 22 passes in 33 intents for 272 yards, without any stop, and continued on the way to establish a record for the team.

This triumph frustrated the Cardinals plans to achieve their first divisional championship since 1975.

Last Sunday closed with the Colts’ advantage to get to the playoffs by winning over Baltimore Ravens 44-20.

Payton Manning launched four passes for a touchdown his number 300 during his career. The triumph combined with Tennessee’ stumble against San Diego placed to the Colts (11-2) by the sixth consecutive occasion in the post-season.

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