A Facebook Traffic Trick Using Sponsored Stories

If you are not building a fan page for your niche you are missing out… plain and simple.

Once you have a fan page built for your niche or target audience there some great ways to promote this page and get big following. Facebook is making it easy to make your page popular. One tool that I have recently been trying out is the Facebook Sponsored stories ads.

I have recently seen a few marketers showing off 1 cent clicks using this method, and although I have yet to see any 1 cent clicks in my campaigns yet, I am sure if I calculate all the additional likes to a fan page resulting from my page being shared, I would have extremely low cost clicks. I am very impressed on how the traffic measures up and how fast you can build a following.

So What Are Facebook Sponsored Stories?

When a person interacts with your Facebook page, or App, a notification will appear in that person’s news feed of whatever action they took.

Since the news feeds are ever changing the majority of friends may never see the actual actions or comments that happened on your page by their friends. However, by using Sponsored Stories ads you are paying for people to see stories about their friends interacting with your page.

This not only increases the likelihood that people will see these stories in the right-side of the page (the Sponsored Story ads are 240 pixels wide) for longer periods of time, but they people are more inclined to click on the ad and interact with your page when they see their friends have already done so.

These comments are already being distributed in the regular news feed to those people’s friends. You are simply “republishing them.”

So what types of Stories can you highlight?

Page “Likes”

If someone “Likes” your Facebook Page, you can let others know through Sponsored Stories. Your ad will even show a “Like” icon so your target audience can click and “Like” your Page right on the ad.

Page Posts

You can now advertise the latest posts as the Sponsored Story. This ad also includes a “Share” icon so your fans can click and share.

Page Post “Like”

If one of your fans “Liked” one a post in the last seven days you can let their friends know about the “Like” action.

So How Do You Make a Page as An Affiliate?

There are hundreds of different methods and if you go to Facebook right now and search for pages in your niche you will find them. The key is to keep your users engaged & to provide them with good content and constant updates.

1 or 2 updates a day is probably enough and this alone will produce more activity and ultimately more likes. Keep involved and post different things like pictures, videos, text, and keep your fan base interested in what your page has to say.

How Do You Monetize With CPA or Other Affiliate Offers?

I recommend you mask your promotions and not come right out with offers and promotions. Many people on Facebook have no patience for outright promotions and advertisements, but if you engage with your users and send them offers that are targeted and relevant to their interests you will have success.

Examples of how to Monetize:

1. Poll Method – An example of this is that I set up a poll on my fan page and ask users to take part in the poll… then at the end of the poll it says “Thank You for Completing this Poll – Click Here for a Free Gift” then send them to related Email submit offer, or even say click here to see the results of the poll and then on that page have related offers.

2. Freebie Method – If that doesn’t appeal to you here is another example – you could send them to a squeeze page offering them a free report let’s say on weight loss – and in that report you could have several affiliate links to a weight loss program that they could buy and you could even have an autoresponder set up to send related weight loss offers and materials.

3. Promote deals for your fans as a wall update. People will like a deal and will share a deal. So if you can get people something for a real discount then share it.

4. Drive leads by promoting a sweepstakes – Combining the power of a sweepstakes or contest with the Facebook Sponsored Story model is a recipe for massive lead generation! Check out some of the tools at Shortstack for setting up contests. They have some great templates but if you are not tech savvy it is not extremely easy to set up… I know this from experience.

There are several ways to monetize your fans without having to post affiliate links right on your Facebook page. By keeping your Facebook fan page clean of affiliate links you will build a bigger following and more people will share your stuff as long as you give them good content!

Affiliate links, or promotional links right in your Facebook page is a sure turn off and most people are able to detect these.

Set up a Landing Page for Your Offers

The best bet is to set up a landing page or blog or squeeze page and link to it from your Facebook pages. These links can be in the about sections and even as a short update to a blog post or free report.

Make sure the actual offer you want to promote is a good offer that your niche will like. You can even have the Facebook Like Box on your landing page and Facebook comments as well – just go to the Facebook Developer page for tons of cool stuff you can add to your landing page that will make it even more interactive.

This will allow for much more user engagement, but most importantly it will give you social proof, that will skyrocket your conversions!

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