Halloween Costume Ideas Perfect for Royalty

With the Royal Wedding of April 2011, and the huge success of the King’s Speech movie, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to see quite a few Royal Family themed costumes around this Halloween. Thankfully, under this umbrella there are a wide range of Halloween costume ideas for you to choose from.

Will And Kate Halloween Costumes

If you’re a fan of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and want a costume idea for both you and your partner, then why not go as Will and Kate? The most instantly recognizable outfit idea will be to go as them on their wedding day – Kate in her beautiful lace wedding dress, and Will in his red uniform.

Will’s Uniform – To get this costume right, you’ll need a red jacket and black pants. To recreate that royal atmosphere, add some gold piping to the jacket, along with the medallion and a blue slash. The good news is that Halloween stores are even stocking replicas of Will’s uniform to make it at easy as possible to choose this as your Halloween costume this year.

Kate’s Wedding Dress – Nobody can forget the way Kate looked as she stepped out in front of the crowd in “that” dress. Its most notable feature is the lace over the top and arms, as well as the royal tiara. You could choose any wedding dress and alter it to suit, or you could buy one of the readymade Kate wedding dresses that are starting to crop up in stores.

Other Royal Family Halloween Costume Ideas

If you look in any Halloween store you’ll see plenty of king, queen, prince and princess outfits. You can often make these yourself by customizing old suits and dresses, and adding accessories such as hats, gloves, jewelry and crowns!

You might want to model your royal family costumes on the royal family of today – the good news is that there are usually plenty of masks available for the Queen, Prince Charles and so on. Or you could go all out and dress as a royal character of the past. Queen Elizabeth is a fun choice, with her ornate dresses and red hair, or you could go as larger-than-life Henry VIII.

Why not take it one step further and dress like a dead royal family member? You can easily turn any historical character into a zombie with the addition of some makeup for the face, torn, dirty clothing and some fake blood.

Whatever you do, make sure you pick out a costume that’s fitting of a king or queen!

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