Book Review of Iraq in My Eyes

A few weeks ago, maybe months, I was watching a film on the Navy SEALS on the history channel or public television or one of my other favorite click stops between innings of the Detroit Tigers losing another heartbreaker. So when I was goggling Iraq war topics my interest was peaked when I came across Iraq in My Eyes: Memoirs of a Navy SEAL by Chuck Bravedy.

The short book is Bravedy’s perspective of the war in Iraq, what’s gone wrong and gone right and where we should go to bring about a peaceful end to the long drawn-out occupation of Iraq. Where we should be going, says the author, is the prisons of Iraq that are filled with insurgents – a captive audience that we should indoctrinate rather than just letting them set there until the courts set them free.

Bravedy presents a three-point plan to end the war in Iraq and achieve an honorable withdrawal, something we could not achieve in Vietnam. But I was intrigued more by his frank discussion of Radical Islam political forces in Iran and how the US is taking a soft glove approach, even a hands-off approach, because Islam is a religion as well as a political ideology.

We get so messed up in the U.S. because of the incessant demand that everyone be politically correct. And this driving force causes us to miss some important truths along the way, as Bravedy so rightly points out. Communism and fascism are political ideologies which this country rightly battled in past years. Christianity, Taoism, Buddhism, Confucius and are religious ideologies that we rightly tolerate. But Radical Islam is a political ideology, which Bravedy so clearly describes as a force teaching to hate and kill Americans – in Iraq, Afghanistan, or in the subways of New York.

We should battle Radical Islam in the same way as we have the Nazis and Communists in the past. The fact that these terrorists use their own twisted view of their god to justify hatred, anger, and killing does not give them a free base. Bravedy asks why Korans are made available in Iraq prison cells run by Americans and why don’t we infiltrate Radical Islam mosques where terrorist news and information is communicated. Why, I also ask. And why are we failing so badly in our occupation and efforts to peacefully withdraw? We fail so badly because we succeed so well at being politically correct. Three cheers to Iraq in My Eyes and to Chuck Bravedy.

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