Willow Smith Is Making an Impact In Music

After hearing so many people talk about the Smith family’s latest addition to the entertainment industry, Willow’s music video clip entitled Whip My Hair was finally released to the public. Following in the footsteps of parents Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Willow is making a name for herself by kicking down the music industries entrance door with an upbeat, fun and colorful video. At the tender age of 10, she has already captivated the hearts of young people across the nation who look to her as a reminder that age does not regulate talent, an ability to impact society or earn an income.

Reminiscent of the DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince video Parents Just Don’t Understand, Willow’s video has similar splashes of color across walls and clothes and immediately makes a big hit with the youth. Judging from the number of YouTube views (currently over 24 million), this song will be around for a long time. Full of high energy, this music video clip contains stepping, pop-lock dancing, and a lot of hair swinging. Parents are often concerned about the content in the videos themselves such as clothing worn (or lack of it), but this is a kid-friendly song and is age-appropriate. We can expect to see more in the future from Miss Willow Smith. (Caution: attempting to whip your hair around your head as shown in the video may cause injury, so be careful when trying to imitate the dancers.)

The song is already a big hit in the music industry.

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