The Importance of the Long Distance Package to Your Network Marketing Home Business

I would like to begin by reminding all to pray for our friends in Texas. I myself have family members there, some in Houston including my mom and my niece and some in San Antonio.

This past weekend was very difficult for me, I haven’t felt like this since the war began a few years ago. I remember watching nervously as our troops marched from Kuwait to Baghdad. My brother serves our country in the U.S Army and as you can imagine I stayed up almost all night for the first few nights watching CNN and every other news channel out there.

I thank God that my brother came back home safe after doing 2 tours in Iraq. The war did not forget to remind the Morales family of the grief that many families feel however, at the loss of a loved one. As it ended the life of my nephew Alex Paniagua this past March.

Hurricane Ike created the same feeling of uncertainty and the feeling of hopelessness that I felt at the outset of the war. Knowing that many family members were in the path of destruction and that I live so far away (California) gave me a feeling of uselessness. With the news media using the power of suggestion and the magic of influence along with the creative power of the spoken word, placing thoughts of fear into the minds of the public to raise their ratings, saying things like “this is bigger then Katrina”. You can only imagine what many of us were going through. I thank god that it wasn’t as bad as what they were selling.

After I got news that everyone was fine I had a chance to look at the situation different. I started thinking about the many lives who as a result of this disaster will be destroyed financially. Many people including network marketers will wake up next week and will find themselves in a financial crisis. Jobs will not be for them and local teams will not be producing for a while.

Network marketing home business owners that neglected the simple discipline of sending out a long distance package and the right building philosophy of teaching the same discipline to their organization will be in turmoil and will regret it for a very long time.

Imagine if all of your income was coming from Houston because all your efforts were placed in growing your local team, how much money do you think would be deposited into your bank account over the next few points? How many hotel presentations do you think are being conducted in the Houston area this week? How many PBRs do you believe will be taking place tonight in Houston? The answer to those questions is simple NONE!

So take this time to reflect on your business building activities and ask yourself, (Am I ready if something happens in my backyard?) I live in California so I always ask myself (what if the big one finally hits California, would my Network Marketing Home Business survive?)

Send out a long distance package and teach everyone in your organization to do the same and you can disaster proof your MLM business.

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